Accounts FAQ

Accounts FAQ

What is the main point of contact for Lucidica accounts related?

The email [email protected] is the best way to get in touch in regards to accounts related.

If your query is related to support, please send it directly to [email protected] to avoid delays in your support request/incident.

How often should I expect invoices?
Invoice frequency depends on what services you have with Lucidica, but we have four different types of invoices:

Monthly Support Invoice (for machines covered under the contract)

Support invoices are sent out on the 1st of each month and they are for the same month. If the invoice is sent in October, this is for the month of October. Any changes to the contract will be reflected in the following month. In our example case, from November onwards.

Support Invoice (for billable jobs)

Support invoices are sent on the 1st of each month for billable jobs performed in the previous month. Billable jobs are Jobs not covered under the contract and the invoice will be charged at your support rate (details on your contract). You should be informed by the engineer before the work begins when something is billable and not covered under the contract.

MCS Invoice (Managed Cloud Services)

Managed service invoices are sent out on the 8th of each month. This invoice will include all Office 365 licenses, back up, domain and Webhosting charges. Services like domain and Webhosting are normally invoiced annually. Once the invoice is generated, the charges are locked in and changes will be made in your next invoice. Please see “Why Lucidica send invoices in advance for the MCS charges?” to understand how we invoice your MCS items.

Product Invoices

Product invoices are sent when a product is bought. These invoices are usually sent once the quote has been agreed. Invoices over £100 will need to be settled before the order is placed with our supplier.
Is there a limit to reducing the computers under the contract?
As per your contract, there is a 10% limit for your total machines that can be reduced per month. For example, if you have 30 computers covered under the contract, we can only reduce a maximum of 3 machines in that month.
When the changes will be reflected for the computers under the contract?
If a computer is removed from the contract, it will be reflected in the following month.
If a computer is added in the contract after the invoice had already been sent on the first of each month, a pro-rata item will be created for the date it has been added under the contract until the end of the month, and then it will be included on your monthly computers in the following month.
What is a change of control note for?
When anything is changed under the contract, like removing or adding a new machine in the contract, a change of control note will be issued and a signature will be requested to confirm the changes that will be made to the client’s contract going forward.
Why and when a job is considered billable?
The engineers will normally let you know before the job is performed if this will be considered billable or not, but billable time is normally charged for services provided on machines not covered under the contract or for any services provided that are not included on your contract.
Why Lucidica send invoices in advance for the MCS charges?
We bill a month in advance on the 8th of each month, for the following month.

You have the remainder of the month to make changes to your next invoice. This is so we have time to instruct Microsoft of the changes to your account within their notice period.

Microsoft’s notice period cannot be changed, and we pay your licenses 30 days ahead.

Once the invoice is generated it is locked in as our supplier will have been paid.

Breakdown of Payment terms:

- February 8th: Invoice for March services (1st – 31st) is generated and sent to you.

- February 28th: Deadline for changes to be made to the next invoice

- March 8th: Invoice for April services (1st – 30th) is generated and sent to you with new changes made.
What are the options for invoice payment?
Our payment collection is done via Direct Debit. The system that we use for payments is GoCardless and you will receive a link to sign up for the Direct Debit payments on your welcome letter provided once you start your services with us.

If you don’t work with Direct Debit, as long as the invoices are paid within the payment terms, it is not a problem. If the invoices are not paid on time, we will request you set up direct debit payments.
How does the direct debit payment work?
All the invoices will be collected automatically by GoCardless on the invoice due date and you will still have your usual payment terms to make any invoice queries before the money is collected.

This means that you don’t need to pay manually each time, and it is a really quick and easy way to pay for all your invoices on time. You will also receive reminder emails from GoCardless about payments that are coming out of your account a few days prior so you can get it all organized.
Why do I keep receiving statements of their account every week?
The statements are sent automatically for all clients that have outstanding invoices on your account. This is a reminder to kindly make the payments and to make sure you have the same balance as we do.
Why is my account on hold and I cannot send emails anymore?
If you have overdue invoices on your account, we will get in touch with you to advise that this needs to be paid. If we cannot get in touch or the payment is not provided as agreed after several attempts, your account will be put on hold and you won’t have the permission to send emails and/or your website will be taken down.

Once payment is received for the overdue invoices, your services will be brought back to normal.