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Getting the most out of AdWords

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Getting the most out of AdWords

Last week I ran a new seminar ‘Conversion Marketing; Ensuring a Return on Investment in Google AdWords’ at the truly great British Library IP Centre, despite having a slightly wordy title it was a veritable success.While all of the stats within your AdWords intertwine, they boil down to the most important one AdQuality. Google wants it so when you type ‘car insurance’ into Google you get results (both organic and sponsored) about ‘car insurance’, they direct this within AdWords with AdQuality

AdQuality is the slightly ambiguous score that Google gives to your advert running on its network. Google provide a list of things that determine AdQuality, though the end the list with ‘other relevance factors’ essentially meaning ‘some things were not going to tell you’.

AdQuality though is pivotal, you get a score from 1 to 10 for each advert, and effectively this multiplies the money you pay per click. So if you’re paying £5 per click and have an AdQuality of 1, if you can push this to AdQuality of 10 you’ll be paying just 50p per click!

We’ve just posted up our top 8 tips for getting the most out of Adwords here, but I thought I’d add in the final 6 top tips for increasing your AdQuality to this blog post;

  • Tip 1 – Maximise advert relevance

This can be done by ensuring ad copy matches the ‘search phrase’But also that search text is segmented into groups; don’t have apples with oranges thinking they are both fruit, instead setup an ad group called ‘apples’ and a separate ad group called ‘oranges’

  • Tip 2 – Maximise landing page relevance

Create dedicated landing pages for your adverts and make the landing page relevant to the ad copy and the search phraseCheck the relevance Google has with the keyword tool

  • Tip 3 – Know your search phrase

If someone is typing in “victim support london” when you have chosen the key phrase “it support london” and your ad is appearing, you have a big problemYou’re going to be paying for clicks you don’t want, but also your ad copy and landing page content is not going to reflect the search phrase and thus your ad quality will go downCheck you stats and track where your money is going, experiment with matching options

  • Tip 4 – Split test and delete the poor performers

Try and track, ad copy, time of day, keywords etc and stop the adverts that are getting poor (click through rate) CTR

  • Tip 5 – Have good ‘on page’ SEO

Make sure your website, and in particularly the landing page, has good ‘on page’ SEO. Metatags for example should be relevant to the ad copy and the page content

  • Tip 6 – Undertake good practice

Google likes you to do things right so check your web standards.  Easy wins are whether you have things like a privacy page, robots.txt etc

If you’d like to come along to our next seminar on AdWords then check out our seminar page here, or drop a line to our Training Team

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