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How Embarrassing was Your First Email Addresses?

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How Embarrassing was Your First Email Addresses?

Securing your first email address was a huge step on the path of adulthood for most millennials. You probably thought long and hard about what your first email address should be – what random amalgamation of numbers, letters and probably underscores best depicted your personality. This is probably now remembered with an embarrassed shudder. Deciding on your first email address was the first step in creating your very own electronic spaces, so this decision needed to be handled carefully. For millennials, the creation of your first e-mail moniker was an opportunity to self-brand that is now frequently accessible to us via social media and blogs. For millennials however that first email address was our golden opportunity, the e-mail proved to be a winning formula and here we are, still beholden to it.

First e-mail addresses are an insight into the minds of our 13year old self that we’d probably rather forget, so we decided to see who had the most embarrassing here at Lucidica.

We had;

  • Ellfromhell123@
  • Talentedkaty@
  • Babycakes94@
  • Pinkz88@
  • Littlemiss123@
  • Justchillin@
  • stree13tracer@
  • master-den66@
  • sharingan_buyakagen@
  • mooseontheloose@
  • pears@

After having a little laugh in the office about how tragic some of these were, we were thankful that no one used any of these email addresses on their CV when they applied for the job! However, we expanded on the theme of humorous email addresses and made our recruitment address [email protected]. It is a beautiful moment in the office when someone calls up the office regarding employment as the office goes quiet and the engineer embarrassingly relies the email address, assuring them that it is not a joke.

So, there you have it, Lucidica’s own list of embarrassing email addresses. If you are having a boring day, wonder around the office and ask your colleagues the same question, I assure you it will provide a few laughs.


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