Why We Are Better Than Apple

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Why We Are Better Than Apple



We have beaten Apple, the biggest technology company in the world, on ONE area of business. This one area of business is our NPS.

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score. Businesses use this index as a way of measuring how likely their customers are to recommended products and services to others, using a scale of 0-10.

Apple’s Net Promoter Score so far in 2016 is 41 placing them in the lower bands of the scoring. We are however currently averaging at an impressive 75 for 2016. This score means that a higher percentage of our clients are likely to recommend Lucidica’s services than Apple customers are likely to recommend Apple.  But how do you calculate your businesses NPS?

The calculation

To get the score a net promoter question is asked for example: How likely are you to recommend or services to a friend or Colleague?npsnps2

The scores are then collected into the following groups:


Promoters (9-10) Happy customers who will continue to use our services and refer other, providing income for the company.

Passives (7-8) Customers who are satisfied but could still go with a competitor

Detractor (0-6) These customers are unhappy and could potentially be damaging to your business and its reputation.

To work out your NPS you…

NPS = Promoters (%) – Detractors (%)

If you don’t fancy calculating your scores yourself there are plenty of websites out there that can help. My favorite is simply type the amounts of 10s, 8s, 6s etc and it will do the sums as well as give you a breakdown with the percentage of each group.

NPS is a way of measuring business performance in general. Knowing your NPS gives you an indication of how happy your customers/clients are and areas you can change in order to turn those detractors into promoters and keep a health client base.


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