Cyber Risk Assessment


Ensure your business is secure with a Cyber Risk Assessment.

9/10 security breaches occur due to human error—an unavoidable factor in every business. Your systems should be prepared not for the ‘if’ but for the when.

cyber risk assesment

What is our Cyber Risk Assessment?

Our team run through a series of questions during a 1:1 consultation, going in-depth into your IT Infrastructure. These questions cover different vital areas such as data storage, permission and access, employee training and safeguarding policies. 

Once complete, our team will consult our in-house security experts and place you into one of three categories. 

High Risk

We recommend immediate changes to your infrastructure.

Medium Risk

We recommend improvements, but you are protected against low effort attacks.

Low Risk

Your security policies are established and well set up.

This assessment is yours to take away with you commitment-free with no strings attached, and our team is available to discuss options with you should you require information.