achievers of the year 2024

Achievers of The Year: 2024

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Achievers of The Year: 2024

“Achiever of the Year” is more than just a title; it recognises and celebrates our team members’ remarkable achievements and efforts. The goal is not only to recognise great performance, but also to cultivate a culture of mutual admiration and support for future successes.

During the Month of May internal campaign, as we drive for more sales and hard work, we also begin to identify the year’s top achievers.

How Do We Identify the Achievers?

Each member of the Lucidica team is responsible for presenting and discussing the accomplishments of a fellow team member during our MoM (Meeting of the Minds). These presentations go beyond simply explaining each team member’s work and what they have been doing for a year; they are a reflection of the team members’ personalities, infused with humour and creative storytelling. Team members exchange stories, highlight unique characteristics, and talk about shared moments with that member.

The presentations have a dual role: demonstrating the impressive accomplishments of our team and providing an atmosphere for displaying our own creative talents. This approach ensures that each presentation is both entertaining and insightful, turning the process into a desired event.

Voting and Selection

After all of the presentations have been presented, the team votes on the most impressive ones. One of the benefits of this democratic method is that it assures acknowledgment not only comes from management but also from peers who have seen each other’s progress and accomplishments first-hand. Not only do we vote for the presentations that are the best, but we also vote for the two individuals who have shown an exceptional level of dedication and achievement throughout of the year.

The Strategy Away Day: Announcing the Winners

The most exciting part of this time is our Strategy Away Day trip, where management announces the two people who have been named Achievers of the Year. This is an opportunity to reflect on the year’s achievements and recognise the great achievements of our colleagues.

Who Were Lucidica’s Achievers in 2023/2024?

1st- Claudia DeFabio

The Managing Director of Lucidica’s sister company, Meeko

2nd- Maria Clara Nagle

Lucidica’s Internal Systems and Project Manager

Strengthening Connections and Celebrating Success

Our Lucidica Achiever of the Year is deeply rooted in our company culture and serves as much more than just an annual recognition programme. We can strengthen our connections, express our appreciation for one another’s efforts, and celebrate each other’s successes.

Most importantly, celebrating success and friendship elevates Lucidica from a company to a community where each achievement is acknowledged and valued.