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Business Cybersecurity

Don’t let your business become a statistic.

In 2022, 63% of UK organizations paid ransom because they didn’t have a cybersecurity plan in place.


Why should you invest in a cybersecurity plan?

Investing in a robust cybersecurity plan helps ensure that all of your sensitive data is safe from hackers. What’s more, it has a number of other advantages:

Protection of Personal Data

If your business stores client data, you must preserve their privacy. A data breach response strategy must notify clients and the ICO within 72 hours.

Promotes Productivity

If you have a virus on your computer system, your employees may not be able to do anything until the system is back up and running.

Improved Data Management

Data loss halts business strategies. Rebuilding your team's database will take hours again.

Business Trust and Credibility

Clients can be hurt by a data leak, so they are less likely than ever to share sensitive information. Good cybersecurity is the best way to keep your customers' trust.

Microsoft and Google Workspace security made simple.

01Security Packages

Our security packages are specifically designed to cut through the complexity and allow you to take control of your security.
Tailored to your needs
By upgrading your standard Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace licenses onto our security packages, you gain access to all of the features that the packages include.
Protection is the first priority
Once set-up, the products work together to create strong protection procedures. These packages are built by us and can be found nowhere else.

Breakdown of the elements

Unlimited Support
Something goes wrong or breaks within your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace account; We will fix it. It is as simple as that. 
Level 1, 2 & 3 Security Audit
We designed the audit to give you a detailed overview of how secure your systems are. A detailed overview of the audit packages can be requested for you to make a decision. 
Incident Management Time
In the unfortunate event that you do suffer a security breach, our security package comes with incident management time included. To stop the violation, assess the damage and investigate the cause—an invaluable resource in a time when you need it most. 
Encrypted Emails & Training
When an email you are sending contains sensitive information, you will want to encrypt it. Encrypting email allows for no one other than the end user's mailbox from being able to read the contents, outside of an extensive amount of effort. These emails contribute towards you doing all you can to protect the businesses or your customer's data. We will train you and your employees up on how to use the feature, and how it works so that you can utilise it to the full potential. 
Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
You may not know the name, but you do know the system. Two Factor Authentication is the process of receiving a message on a device registered to your account and confirming it is you logging in. Many platforms add this in as an additional security measure, and now you can add it to your mailbox's and files. 
Advanced Email Protection (ATP) - For Microsoft 365
ATP is a passive system that works from the moment an email attempts to enter your mailbox. In oversimplified terms, it tests the links and files inside of the emails you receive on a 'virtual' computer before it lets you click them. If the links/files try to change any settings or corrupt the 'virtual' computer, it doesn't allow you to follow it on your real one, protecting your computer from malicious attacks. 
Anti-Phishing Training
As 70% of all cyberattacks include a combination of phishing and hacking, all of our packages come with anti-phishing training included. So, if an email managed to make it through the firewalls, which one day it will, you and your colleagues would be able to detect and ignore it. We will send you scam emails with controlled malicious content, and track which of your colleagues follow the link, which ones spotted it was a scam and how your company reacts. From there, we can then train your employees to improve, so if a real scam email arrives, you all know what to do. 
Enhanced (AI) Learning Alerts 
This product is incredibly powerful and relies on an AI learning system built into your company’s licenses. It is the unsleeping watchdog that monitors the user's interactions within your networks and alerts you when the unusual activity starts to occur. The unusual activity could be large file deletion or file sharing on SharePoint, unusual external user activity or impossible travel sign-in (A login from London then an hour later they login in Boston USA... that's probably not them). There are only a few of the Alerts you can set-up within this M365 add on. 
Data Loss Protection For Mobile and BYOD
If your employees use their mailboxes on their mobile devices, your data is vulnerable to being shared outside of your companies’ networks. A data breach doesn't have to be as severe as a hacker gaining access to your finances; it could be as simple as an employee sharing a screenshot comparing to their friend about a disgruntled customer and is forwarded. Data protection prevents company data from leaving the M365 and Google Workspace apps that it is housed in, stopping leaks before they occur. 
Device Management 
Device management allows you to see all devices that have access to your company’s data. These are mobile logged into employee’s mailbox's, laptops, desktops etc. This add on allows you with the click of a button Disable access to a particular device or manage permission for specific types of devices. Incredibly useful if a laptop goes missing with the 'remember this device' selected for logins (which the majority of individuals click).
Document Encryption based on Classification
Individual files should only be accessible by specific members of the company. Company financial documents, HR files, or employee records, to name just a few. Not only does this feature allow you to clearly define who in the business has access to specific sets of files, but it also encrypts the files. The Encryption makes the file unreadable outside of the organisation, so in the event, it does leak out, it is still secure. 
Blocked Data Leaks 
This M365 add on allows you to control how employees share files outside of the business, and prevent files accidentally falling into the wrong hands, or through employee error.
Retention Policies
Some files are useful for a limited time only, and once they have served their purpose are only a data risk waiting to occur. Retention policies allow you to categorise these files and set them to auto-delete after some time. On the other side of that coin, the policies prevent the deletion of important documents or emails. 
3rd Party Mailbox Backup
Backups have always been essential and remain essential to this day. A 3rd party mailbox backup allows you to restore your inboxes to a state free or corruption or mistakes. This 3rd party mailbox's hopefully will never be utilised, but in the event, they are, they are invaluable to your business. 
Dynamic Rule-based Signatures
This 3rd party tool controls the signatures at the bottom of your emails. There are minimal security benefits to doing this; however, it allows more flexibility and control with your signatures. It detects who is sending an email and applies the correct signature to it. 
Password Manager
The password managed included in the security packages is Password Boss. A password manager on a surface level allows you to securely store all of your companies passwords in an encrypted environment, and generate random secure passwords to ensure you do not have any duplicates across your platforms. To find out more about why a password manager is an absolute must in this day and age, ask for us to send you our informative PDF on how they work. 

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Become a Cyber Essentials certified business.

02 Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a cyber security framework backed by the government designed to safeguard your organization, regardless of its size, from a variety of the most prevalent cyber threats, including:

Phishing attempts
Guessing passwords
Network attacks

Obtaining Cyber Essentials certification will provide you with a comprehensive image of your company’s cyber security state, what to do in the event of a cyber incident, and how to deploy mitigations.

Assure your customers and business partners that their information is safe with you

Earn the right to submit bids for more contracts (including Government contracts)

Safeguard yourself against online dangers.

Prove to partners and customers that you've got solid security measures in place.

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