Cybersecurity Tips You Need to Know

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Cybersecurity Tips You Need to Know

Cybersecurity or being secure online is becoming increasingly more important with the rise of cybercrime and online hacks. There are a lot of simple ways that all employees can protect themselves and the company from being hacked. These can be both technical changes and changes to the way you work as a whole.

We will be talking about some quick cyber security tips which can be useful for you to protect yourself.

1- Use Strong Passwords

This is the most obvious and basic tip that everyone must know. Strong passwords are composed of numeral, alphabets, and characters. Weak Passwords are easier to infiltrate; therefore, stronger passwords are harder to crack.

2- Train Employees

Give employees the necessary training they need.

Make them fully aware of the ways hackers can infiltrate your systems.

Teach them to recognize signs of a breach.

Educate them on how to stay safe online, so they can alert the business if something goes wrong.

3- Keep Software Updated

Software updates are there for a reason. Its because a vulnerability has been discovered and the update is to fix and increase security on your system. So don’t delay updates! Carry out frequent scans to keep risk at the minimum.

4- Limit Access Authority

Network Protection

Limit access to the network to employees by ensuring that only those who need access to your network can do so. This is to reduce the risk of unauthorized access or malicious content leaking into the network.

User Privileges

Limit access to sensitive data and client information. Again, only give authority to those who need it. This creates an easier way to track activity if there has been a breach of data.

Offer a separate WiFi network for your core business and regularly check and monitor your network security controls for updates.

5- Firewall Security

The best firewall security protection consists of a hardware firewall with software controls into a complete security solution that comprises of VPN support, antivirus, anti-spam and content filtering.

Firewall solutions help to improve business resiliency and prevent security breaches. It will give you a controlled access to company data and block unauthorized access.


Start Protecting Yourself!


Start assessing business vulnerabilities:
  • Import data critical to your business
  • What potential risks this data could be exposed to?
  • Your legal requirements your company is subject to.
  • What would happen if you got attacked?
  • How can you manage any potential risks?


Start putting your plans into action:
  • Put security controls in place to protect sensitive data (network security and firewalls)
  • Keep monitoring systems.
  • Train staff so they’re aware of issues.
  • Prepare yourself for possible breaches.


Assess the effectiveness of implementation:
  • Test, monitor and improve security regularly.
  • Remove useless software and equipment.
  • If there is a breach, follow appropriate security actions such as removing ongoing malware.
  • Should you fall victim to a fraud or attack, report incident and notify customers.

If you require more information about how you can protect your business from Cyber Attacks, read here:

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