What Is Cyber Security Software

What Is Cyber Security Software?

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What Is Cyber Security Software?

It’s likely that every business in the UK will have a computer or some kind of electronic data system that holds files and confidential information. These systems act as the backbone of a successful business, so it is only right that they have the right level of security in place. In order to protect your organisation from data breaches, it is crucial that you implement some cyber security measures into your system. Cybercriminals often target organisations with vulnerabilities in their defences, so the more protection you have, the better. This guide will cover what cyber security software is, why you need it, and the various types of software that can help your business stay safe online.

Cyber Security Software Explained

Aimed at preventing cyber attacks, cyber security software generally contains various layers of security tools to build up a defensive system which deters threats. Some of these security tools can include machine learning, cybersecurity AI solutions, encrypted data, and multi-factor authentication – all aimed at making it difficult for cybercriminals to gain control of your system.

Cyber security software uses an integrated set of technologies to identify potential network risks and avert them from successfully contaminating data. Not only does this software protect from cyber threats, but it also provides business continuity in the event that a cyber attack succeeds. These processes are essential for the safety and security of your organisation.

Why Do I Need Cyber Security Software?

The tools, software, and processes that cyber security offers are fundamental for both businesses and individuals alike. There are ever-increasing threats of cyber hacking and attacks in the modern world, and with each incident costing around £4,200 to deal with, cyber security is a super valuable investment. If a cyberattack were to impact your organisation, you could be faced with data leaks, ransomware payments, as well as a damaged reputation. Cyberattacks could therefore impact finances, productivity, reputation, customer confidence, and a business’ vulnerability to further attacks. Cyber security software can help prevent all of these outcomes.

Features Of Cyber Security Software

There are different features and packages that you can opt for with cyber security software. Depending on your business and the type of protection you need, you might need either a basic, professional, or ultimate security package. Some of the key features of cyber security software can be found below to give you more of an idea of what would work best for your organisation.

Cyber Security Software Features

  • Multi-factor authentication – using more than one preventative method to access an account increases the difficulty for cybercriminals.
  • Multi-layered detection – assesses various threat levels and implements protection to block viruses, malware, data leaks, and spam.
  • Management tools – simplify backup and recovery so your system is at the latest upgrade and not exposed to vulnerabilities.
  • Multi-purpose archiving – stores and replicates data in the cloud so all information is backed up in the event of an attack.
  • End-user training – promotes cyber security awareness and provides users with the tools to defend against possible future attacks.
  • Business continuity – often enables users to continue to use emails even in the midst of a cyber attack.

How To Get Cyber Security Software

In order to fully equip your business with the best cyber security software, you will need to find a reliable provider that can suit your security needs. At Lucidica, protection is our first priority. We work with our customers to create a strong procedure and select a package that is unique to them. With the option of Security Basics, Security Pro, or Security Ultimate, you’ll have a choice of packages and features to best maintain your system’s protection. Get in touch today to discover more about cyber security software and how we can help protect your organisation from modern cybercriminals.