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A Cyber Christmas Story

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A Cyber Christmas Story

T’was the eve before Christmas, and all over Teams 
the Lucidica staff would chatter and dream 
of the wonderful things Santa would leave in their stocking 
(Yes we all still believe, so we don’t need your mocking) 
In order to celebrate our Christmas in safety 
We all met on Zoom for a virtual party 
When all at once there arose a great din,  
The helpline was ringing, but who had called in?  
“Hello Hello, is somebody there?  
The signal is dodgy ‘cos I’m up in the air!” 
“You’re through to Lucidica, how can we please? And why does it sound like you’re in a great Breeze?” 
“I know its short notice but I need your advice, let me just park my sleigh and I’ll be back in a trice” 
The shocked engineer had good reason to pause 
“Why I believe that this call is from The Santa Claus!” 
“Now then” Santa said with his signal now clear,  
“I need you to help me, for I have great fear.  
“One of my elves did not heed my warning 
“And when checking his email one snowy morning 
“He clicked on a link that leads him astray 
“And we now have no gifts for tomorrow’s great Day! 
“For hackers are trying to ruin the fun 
“Selling my presents on eBay for a great sum 
“You must help me by preventing future attacks 
“And then I can get my Christmas list back. 
“I can’t understand how my warning was missed 
“That naughty young elf, I’m really quite annoyed.” 
The Engineer listened with a tear in her eye 
“Christmas will be cancelled unless we All try 
“We must all work together to heal up this breach 
“Oh team, stop the merriment, I must beseech! 
“We have been given an important mission 
“We must rally round to halt Cyber fissions” 
The engineer was smart, brave, resolute and not frail 
(-And not at all the author of this flattering tale) 
She changed all the passwords and checked the elf’s email 
For unauthorized forwarding and the spam filter as well 
Meanwhile, others had heeded the call, 
And were busy setting up a complex Firewall 
And enforced MFA on the Elves mail accounts 
So that data thieves could now be stumped 
With the breach now all healed and the elves all debriefed, 
Santa could heave a great sigh of relief 
“Christmas is saved, I’ve got back all the toys!  
“You’ve really been very good girls and boys!” 
And with a shake of the reins and A Mighty “hooray!” 

Santa took to the skies to save Christmas day 
Now the moral of this Christmassy tale 
Is to make sure you’re careful with email 
Keep your passwords safe, use a Pin or a code 
And do not click links if suspicion is sowed 
But be of good Cheer, for we have the solution 
Complete cyber security, that comes with tuition 
So all of your staff can be cyber aware 
And Work from home with nary a care 
If my tale touched your heart, and you’d like to know more 
Why not give us a call to see what’s in store 
But I truly wish you a happy new year 
A merry Christmas, a future without fear. 
But until then, please accept this blog Christmas card 

Love, your poetic Lucidica Bard