App Saturday (12/09/01)

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App Saturday (12/09/01)

Every Saturday Lucidica’s digital marketing interns James and Libby review an iOS app and an Android app, bringing you the best of the mobile world.This week:

App: Blippar (iOS)

What is it?: Advertising using mobile augmented reality

Price?: Free

Bringing advertising to life, blippar can scan magazines, billboards, products and logos and supply related content in augmented reality. Some brands are simple, newspaper Metro link straight to their website in a QR code fashion, others however are more ambitious. Heinz, for instance, overlays a label-shaped recipe book over the iconic logo, whereas scanning a Dominos logo pops up a 3D piñata which you smash to enter a competition.  It’s still in the early days where few brands are in on it, but this app shows real promise for some exciting and creative advertising.


App: Sleep if you can (Alarm) (Android)

What it it? An alarm which makes you get out of bed

Price? Free

This unconventional alarm app forces you get out of bed and take a picture in order to turn the alarm off. You set it up by taking a picture of something in your house (the kettle, bathroom sink or front door for example) and setting the alarm. When your alarm goes off you have to get up, return to where you took the original photo, and take a new one to turn off the ringing. The best bit about this app is that it is really simple – it does not have unnecessary added functions with no use, or lots of stages to get through in order to set the alarm, you simply set the time, alarm tone and picture! This app is perfect for those of us who struggle to get out of bed in the morning so need a more demanding alarm clock.