App Saturday (12/09/08)

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App Saturday (12/09/08)

Every Saturday Lucidica’s digital marketing interns James and Libby review an iOS app and an Android app, bringing you the best of the mobile world.This week:

App: Clear (iOS)What is it?: A simple, elegant list-making app

Price?: £1.99

If you want your lists as simplistic and easy to organise as possible, whilst not looking horrible and bulky, Clear is the app for you. Controlled with intuitive gestures, rather than buttons, the app allows for multiple lists without any of the clutter of most list apps. Settings are somewhat hidden but there’s not much that can be altered anyway.  It does have one feature I personally demand in a list app – a springboard icon badge with the number of items in the list on it. To add to this already stunningly designed app it’s vibrant and colourful without being unattractive. Oh and when you’ve no items on your list it displays inspirational quotes. Zen.

App: AroundMe (Android and iOS)

What it it? Directory of places of interest in your vicinity

Price? Free

This quick, useful app enables you to find information about you surroundings. It informs you where the nearest supermarket, ATM, bar or carpark is. Not only does this app show you where these places are on a map in relation to your current location,  but it also provides phone numbers so you can call ahead to book or to check opening times. If what you are looking for is not on their recommended list then you can simply search the app’s database and find what you are looking for. By downloading this app you avoid walking round in circles trying to find an ATM, or driving in in the wrong direction of the nearest restaurant. Practical, fun and versatile, I don’t see what is not to like about this app!