App Saturday (12/09/15)

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App Saturday (12/09/15)

Every Saturday Lucidica’s digital marketing interns James and Libby review an iOS app and an Android app, bringing you the best of the mobile world.This week:

App: YouTube (iOS)

What is it?: YouTube for your iDevice

Price?: Free

If you hadn’t already heard, the stock YouTube app is being kicked off the roster in iOS6. So if you want to access Google’s vast library of videos this is your best bet (the other being using a browser). Google’s offering is nippier and smoother than the current stock app, and also makes great improvements in the interface.


App: iWish (Android)

What it it? An inspirational and fun bucket list

Price?  £1.91

iWish isn’t your usual wish list app. With this app you can assign photos, target-dates and find out interesting facts and travel advice to help you make your wish come true. You can also locate places you want to visit on a map, visualize your wishes on a slideshow and share them with your friends online. This fun, inspirational app goes even further by enabling you to build an iDid list which allows you to build up a history of your best experiences. With inspirational quotes to help you achieve all your wishes this is the perfect app if you want to make the most of your time on earth.