App Saturday (12/09/27)

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App Saturday (12/09/27)

Every Saturday Lucidica’s digital marketing interns James and Libby give you a bitesize app review the of the mobile world.This week:

App: Bad Piggies (iOS/Android)

What is it?The sequel to Angry Birds

Price?Free for Android, £0.69 on iOS

Rovio, the developer behind the phenomenally successful Angry Birds franchise, are trying to strike gold again with a new game focussing on the antagonists of the last – the piggies. In Bad Piggies you have to build a vehicle to overcome the course obstacles and get the piggy to the goal. So, does Bad Piggies live up to it’s brother? Yes! It’s fun, inventive, and poses some really challenging moments whilst still remaining spiritually faithful to Angry Birds. Definitely one for killing time which is what you want from a mobile game really.