introduction to gdpr

Introduction to GDPR

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Introduction to GDPR

Do not fear, GDPR is here! (well soon) With GDPR, your data will be more protected once the act commences on the 25th of May 2018.

But what it is? Here is a quick introduction to GDPR

GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation is a data protection regulation created by the EU Parliament, the council of the EU and European commissions.
This act is intended to strengthen and unify data protection for all EU individuals aiming to primarily allow citizens to have control over their personal data. This is so that it simplifies the regulatory environment for international businesses by unifying regulation in the EU.

Does this affect your company?

Yes, Companies that trade in products or services within the EU are affected; this goes for those who aren’t within the EU too and in situations where companies collect and store data of any EU citizen.

Will the GDPR benefit my company?

Indeed, it will! This will improve security and minimise the effect of a data privacy breach; it will be easier to keep data centralised and protected under GDPR. For a lot of companies, becoming compliant with GDPR may be time consuming and costly initially, but once privacy by design has been implemented within the company all data collection and usage of data should be more direct and streamlined.

Next Steps…

GDPR Checklist

There are simple ways to organise and prepare for GDPR with beneficial tools to assist you on the journey. Proper execution and preparation will give better insights about your data and how you can manage it. Generally clearing up your databases and thinking about how you use data and the ways in which you process it will help you assess. We as an IT company are helping our clients and other employees become compliant with packages we are offering. If you want more information on how we can help, contact us here.

If you are wondering how would you make your Emailing Lists Ready for GDPR, you can read here:  MAKE YOUR EMAILING LIST READY FOR GDPR

GDPR, when implemented, will change how we use and process data within the EU. When it comes to adjusting to GDPR, it won’t be easy for anyone. However, with the right attention, attitude and approach, it may be the perfect opportunity to be on top.

So, take GDPR as a new opportunity rather than a threat because rather than having nothing to lose, without GDPR you may have everything to lose.

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