Top 5 Blackberry Jokes

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Top 5 Blackberry Jokes

Over the last week there have been a number of Blackberry jokes floating around the web, and so we thought it was only right to come up with what we think are the top 5.

Now, for you Blackberry users, we did consider you in waiting nearly a week to post this, in the hope that you wouldn’t feel so raw about the epic failure. For everyone else, I’m sure you won’t have a problem in seeing the funny side.

  1. Dear Blackberry, I think it’s nice you’re honouring Steve Jobs with a 3 day silence
  2. Do you know what the iPhone said to the Blackberry? “iWork”
  3. Statistically, 10 out of 10 Blackberry users won’t get this joke
  4. When is a smart phone just a phone?… When it’s a Blackberry
  5. Someone stole my Blackberry yesterday. It has since been returned.

We managed to find a number of jokes from Blackberry users through Twitter. They were Tweeting their frustration through @Blackberry and #BBJokes – there are far more!

Not only are there some hilarious jokes out there, videos have also been made. Take a look at this short video called My Blackberry is not Working by the BBC, it’s bound to give you a laugh or two.

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