How to Increase Efficiency in the Office

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How to Increase Efficiency in the Office

When it comes to business, efficiency and productivity are two key things we are constantly trying to drive forward. Here at Lucidica, we are no different. However, our productivity is only ever improving and we are not drowning our employees in regulation, reporting and clock-watching, believe it or not. From working style, to training opportunities, and tech, there are numerous ways to increase efficiency in an office. Check out these handy tips that we use to make our business office as efficient as possible.

Personal Ways To Increase Office Efficiency

If you’ve found your employees fidgeting or struggling to focus on work, it can be tricky to know what changes can be implemented in order to improve the general runnings of your work environment. By adding the following tips to your day-to-day working life, you might find an increase in employee morale as well as efficiency which can make a significant difference in the corporate world.

Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork

We hear it everywhere that a collaborative team is one of the most valuable assets in a workplace for success. A team that works well together understands each others strengths and weaknesses, which creates a proficient working environment. It improves motivation and a positive team spirit. This then, as a result, creates a ‘synergy effect’. When creative minds work together, ideas are born to accomplish the impossible.

Did you know that you don’t necessarily need to work in the same department to work as a team? Here at Lucidica, we always work together to accomplish certain tasks. An example is when it comes to working on our personal development plans (PDPs). Sometimes it may be difficult for us to accomplish these plans on our own, and so we ask or offer help to those in need if we know that our individual knowledge or skill will be able to assist them.


Give your employees important projects or tasks to work on that will make an impact to the company. Giving them the ability to bring success (or failure) will motivate them to work harder because they know that the result is ultimately from their own hands. Besides, no one wants to work towards failure!

At Lucidica, every role is vital and every project within that role always contributes towards the success of the business. Nothing we do here is ever useless or pointless. For example, an intern such as myself and previous interns are given important projects that contribute towards a

Remote working

The chance to work from home is another great means of increasing productivity. It gives employees the opportunity to catch up on any lost time, and deadlines are easier to finish. This boosts motivation, happiness and relieves stress.

The opportunity to be able to work remotely tailors to the needs of the employees here at Lucidica as some employees live outside of London or have outside of work responsibilities. Occasionally, it may be that the need to work from is because there is no available transport to get into the office or you know, life just happens, and we can’t make it to the office. *shrugs shoulders*

Frequent training

To increase ability and knowledge, every employee needs regular training. Not only does it improve efficiency, but it makes staff feel valued! Training could be attending outside workshops and seminars or a single team member sharing their expertise to other members of the team.

As an IT Support Company, in most cases, it is important that certain information is known to all members on the team for the benefit of our clients. For this reason, we’ve had multiple training sessions ranging from an engineer teaching us about SharePoint, to an engineer working together with a marketing staff to share their knowledge about GDPR. – This is where Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

Regular meetings

Regular meetings, whether it be team meetings or 1-to-1’s with the manager/leader, is an effective way to track progress from individual members and how well the business is doing. Knowing the current progress of your project or how well you are working can give you motivation to increase productivity.

We hold weekly team meetings here at Lucidica (with our office in Kiev too) where a member from each department presents the progress within that subdivision. This way, the whole team is aware of how well the business is functioning. We also hold regular 1-to-1’s with our manager to discuss our personal development and how well we are doing with them.


There’s no greater recognition and motivation than to give staff rewards, most especially if they’ve achieved their goals. Knowing that employees will be greatly rewarded is an encouragement for them to increase productivity levels. Remember there’s more than just financial ways to reward an employee.

The reward scheme at Lucidica is beyond amazing. We are always rewarded no matter how big or small the things we achieve are. The incentive system doesn’t just include £££ but includes amazing gadgets and gizmos, holidays, day outs and experiences!

Technological Ways To Increase Office Efficiency

Dual Monitor

Believe it or not but having a dual monitor increases productivity by about 20-30% which means each staff member can produce more work each day every year. A definite benefit is that you can find information easily and you don’t need to keep switching back and forth between multiple windows.

All our monitors are dual-screened at Lucidica and it makes analysing and researching information simple.

Social media Access

Internal Social media platforms is great for aiding communication, sharing ideas and recognising achievements. Nevertheless, external social media breaks can be a great way to clear the brain of stress which aids in productivity.

All team members at Lucidica have access to social media, but as I’ve observed, it isn’t used to its highest advantage. The team use it when they’re on lunch break of are taking shorts breaks in between tasks. The team focus on what the jobs and tasks that have to do first because they know they have the freedom to do this.


It’s totally okay to listen to music when you’re working- it’s not okay when you’re learning something new though. Music boosts efficiency when completing tasks that are repetitive or looking to spark something creative.

There is always music playing at the Lucidican office. We have sonos sound systems on each side of the office for anyone to freely play what they please. Team members also put on headphones when they require complete focus and concentration. See, music isn’t all that of a distraction!

Atmospheric Ways To Increase Office Efficiency

Natural lighting

Natural or uniform lighting maximises employee satisfaction and efficiency. We try to keep the lighting levels neutral especially in winter when its dark. Avoid dim lighting as this can cause drowsiness and lack of focus and avoid harsh lighting as it can cause strain to the eyes and migraines.


Research from the University of Exeter show plants increase well-being by 47%, creativity by 47% and productivity by 38%. So place plants all over your office, as we have, and watch the change of efficiency.

Funky Furniture

Be creative and add some unique styled desks and chairs to your office! Jazz up the way your desks are presented and compliment it with several coloured chairs to give your office that professional edge (that’s what we did).

This will not only impress clients but will make your team more productive as they enjoy the space they’re working in.

Check out these office desks and office chairs from Calibre Furniture to add some funky furniture to your office!

Colourful decoration

A dull office means a boring job and induces feelings of sadness and depression. – Big no no! Add some colourful decorations to the office to make it lively and create a positive atmosphere so employees are stimulated to be more productive.

Have you seen Lucidicas office? Its filled with colours of all sorts and decorated with fun ornaments.
Check it out:

Funny/motivational wall pictures

In conjunction with the effects colour decorations bring, add funny or motivational images on the wall around the office. For any wondering eyes, this will help employees boost productivity rate.

Check out Lucidicas:

One last thing…

Check out the Calibre Office Furniture blog for useful tips and articles to create a better working environment in your office!

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