MoM 2024

Pushing for Growth: MoM 2024

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Pushing for Growth: MoM 2024

Once again, we’ve completed one of Lucidica’s most exciting months of the year: May. This special month is packed with exciting sales incentives, turning our daily work into an adventure like a game full of challenges and opportunities.

What Is Month of May (MoM) ?

The Month of May (MoM) is one of our cornerstone campaigns, designed to boost sales, promote team spirit, and keep our company on track for further development. Twice a year, in May and November, our marketing department creates an immersive theme to transform our workplace and energise our workforce.

How MoM Works?

Our tasks during these months vary since we adopt a different theme for each MoM and MoN. However, the overall goal of our weekly quests remains the same: to promote team collaboration, complete more work, increase sales, and, of course, have fun.

Let’s have a look at our 2024 MoM concept to give you an idea.

Our 2024 Theme

Earning Points and Winning Prizes

Throughout the month, team members can earn “vitality points” for accomplishing various tasks, meeting sales targets, and participating in themed activities. These points can be redeemed for a variety of prizes, including digital items, vacation vouchers, personalised gifts, and extra days off. Whether our employees want to spend their points immediately or save them for future rewards, the system ensures that everyone feels valued and driven.

This May, we named our theme Hacker Ports after the beloved Harry Potter series. It features weekly quests to destroy Voldemort. As you accomplish each objective, you’ll earn points for both hurting Voldemort and fighting against the other squad. Specifically, the competition between two teams is critical to achieving more this month.

Two examples of weekly quests:

Still, there are other ways to rack up points outside finishing tasks. We’ve included a number of additional tasks to help our staff earn even more points and improve their experience.

Achiever of The Year Presentations

One of our most significant quests is to prepare the Achiever of the Year presentations. Every member of the team is responsible for putting together and presenting the accomplishments of another member of the team, highlighting the personality of the other person and sharing humorous experiences that they shared together. The purpose of these presentations is not just to provide information but also to demonstrate our creative abilities.

Following the completion of all of the presentations, we choose the two that were the most impressive presentations and then select two individuals to be named Achievers of the Year. This tradition allows us to celebrate one other’s accomplishments while also strengthening our team friendship.

What Do We Achieve With MoM?

Lucidica’s Month of May (MoM) is more than just a sales push; it serves as an opportunity for team engagement, cooperation, and recognition. MoM energises our entire staff with a series of themed challenges and activities that transform ordinary chores into fascinating experiences. Here are some of the main accomplishments of MoM:

Increased Revenue

By focusing our efforts around similar goals, we observe a considerable rise in sales and service demand. The competitive mindset and engaging tasks inspire everyone to give their all.

Enhanced Team Bonding

MoM promotes unity and cooperation. Team members strengthen their bonds and enjoy a more collaborative environment when they work together to solve a themed puzzle or celebrate each other’s accomplishments via presentations.

Recognition and Motivation

Vitality points and Achiever of the Year presentations ensure that individual achievements are acknowledged. Recognising and appreciating accomplishments keeps everyone motivated and grateful of one another’s efforts.

Innovation & Innovation

Themed challenges foster creative thinking and innovation. Employees are encouraged to explore their creative potential, whether by creating vibrant presentations or finding novel task solutions.

Improved Morale

The joy and excitement of MoM bring great energy to the workplace.

Lucidica’s MoM not only improves business outcomes, but also fosters an active, supportive, and creative workplace culture.