5 Festive Apps


5 Festive Apps

Getting a new smartphone tomorrow? Or maybe a shiny new tablet. Either way you’ll need some apps to put on it. After you’ve installed the usual collection of email, maps, videos and games perhaps you want something a little more Christmassy to spend the day with? Take a look at some of the best festive apps for your device.

holiday time machine
1) Holiday Time Machine (iOS; 69p)
Take a trip back in time with this festive peek into the past. Holiday Time Machine gives you access to 114 years’ worth of Christmas television, adverts, music, trailers and much more. It’s mostly US-based content but with over 2,500 videos it’s definitely enough to get you in the Christmas spirit!

xmas radio
2) Christmas Radio (iOS/Android; Free)
Fed up of your old, outdated Christmas playlists? Want a dose of something a bit different whilst opening your presents? Christmas Radio has over 50 Christmas radio stations playing everything from rock to jazz to country, from all around the world. One station even broadcasts from the North Pole!

xmas list
3) The Christmas List (iOS; 69p)
Are you someone who spends hours meticulously planning presents for everyone? Then you’ve probably not waited until Christmas Eve to buy presents. This app helps you track budgets, use phone contacts, add stores, compare multiple years and much more. The perfect replacement for your elf.

abs  4) Angry Birds Seasons (iOS/Android; 69p)
One of the most popular mobile games on any operating system, Angry Birds Seasons adds a delightful wintry twist on the addictive pig-popping favourite. Seasons includes 300 new holiday-themed levels from Halloween to Chinese New Year.



5) NORAD Tracks Santa (iOS/Android; Free)
Have you been naughty or nice this year? Well the big guy in the sleigh knows for sure and he should be heading your way this evening. Want to get your kids to bed before the big day? Sit them in front of this interactive map and you’ll know exactly what time they’ll need to be fast asleep!

And what better way to spend the day avoiding the washing up than by playing with your new toys?!