iPad 2 before Christmas?


iPad 2 before Christmas?

T3 has just posted that the iPad 2 could be with us before Christmas!

Unfortunately rather than offering a host of new features it looks set just add ‘SIM integration’

Currently the iPad 1 affords ‘MicroSIM’ cards to be added, meaning that the 3G version can be a little frustrating to get compatible with some networks…

While this may not be the Monday excitement you’d have been hoping for, there are two things to perhaps put a smile on your face

1.       The new SIM feature could allow some mobile phone carriers to start offering the iPad subsided in mobile phone contracts

2.       The new iPad 2 (or perhaps it should be called iPad 1b) may launch with the new version of the operating system iOS 4.2 which should have a few stocking fillers

I doubt Apple will brand it as iPad 2, but it may secure some extra pre-Christmas sales in the face of strengthening competition  from the likes of Dell and Samsung

Link to T3 here

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