Mac For A Month – 1) The Beginning


Mac For A Month – 1) The Beginning

As part of my engineering development plan I will be using a Mac for a month at work. Basically speaking, as an engineer I need to be able to do work on Macs because we have plenty of clients using them, and they need to be fixed just like PCs.

The fact is that I have always been an anti-Mac person and talked against them every time I can. It’s more as a joke actually, and it’s best described as a “love to hate” thing.

So… the plan is to buy a Mac and use it for my daily tasks for a month. I cannot use a PC and cannot use Windows on Mac – just use the Mac as it is. I will blog about my experience and who knows, will I love it and buy myself a Mac? Let’s find out.

Kristján is one of Lucidica’s engineers and will be blogging all month about his temporary switch to Macs. Check back regularly to see how his total Mac immersion is progressing.