Nokia and Microsoft to join forces as Google Android overtakes iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia


Nokia and Microsoft to join forces as Google Android overtakes iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia

UPDATE 11/02/2011:
As expected Nokia and Microsoft have announced an alliance. Should Apple and Google worry, probably not as much as Blackberry…

Original post from Sunday:

Microsoft and Nokia are set to make a joint announcement this coming Friday, in all probability this will be that Nokia is dropping its current system (Symbian) and adopting Windows Phone 7.

The question is; as Android overtakes Nokia, Apple and Blackberry as the #1 smart phone platform in the world, will a deal between the ailing Nokia (losing 8% of the market last year) and fledgling Windows Phone 7 be enough to turn the fortunes of both companies?

The big issue with the deal between the two is that neither seem capable of marketing smart phones to end users. Nokia’s strength is that its phones are simple, easy to use are basic but functional. Microsoft’s strength is in its desktop & server platform for businesses. The only success either has in the ‘innovative’ consumer market is in the Xbox (and maybe the Zune).

Think of words you’d associate with Apple, now think of words you’d associate with Google and HTC and Samsung. You’d probably have a lot of the same. Now do the same with Microsoft and Nokia they just don’t stir the same feelings, and in a lot of consumers they will invoke the exact opposite feelings that you’d want when trying to sell a smart phone to a consumer.

Nokia would be far better playing the safe bet with Android, and Microsoft would be far better with someone like HTC. Maybe the partnership between Google and HTC is now too strong for either to push into. But if I was a betting man I’d choose Google and HTC over Microsoft and Nokia… Maybe I’ll be wrong and my next phone will be a Nokia Windows 7 device.

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