Office 365 Is The Only Way To Buy Microsoft


Office 365 Is The Only Way To Buy Microsoft

Are you a SME (small-medium-sized enterprise) seeking Office 365?
Are you unsure about which package would suit your business’ needs?
Would you like a 10% discount on any Office 365 licence through Lucidica?
Does your SME require a management service alongside your Office 365 license?
Look no further.
Here are the most popular packages for SMEs, a list of questions an engineer may ask you to pinpoint your specific needs and offers from Lucidica that will get you at least a 10% discount.

The 3 most sought after Office 365 packages are Business Essentials, Business Premium, and Enterprise E3;


If you call us to consult one of our engineers about Office 365, some questions you may be asked are;

  • Do you need the Office suite as well as a mailbox?
    – Get Business Premium or above.
  • Do you need emails to be able to be recovered or held for a certain period of time?
    – Most Financial institutions and law firms go for E3 or E5 as one of its key features is advanced email with archiving and legal hold.
  • What versions of the Office suite do you currently have?
    – If you already have the Office suite and don’t mind it not being updated, go with Business Essentials.
  • Do you need Access?
    – Access only comes with ProPlus, E3 and above.
  • Do you use multiple devices?
    – Any package that includes the Office suite allows each user to have up to 10 mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets etc).
  • Is data security of high priority?
    E3 allows rights management which gives you the capability to lock down files so files cannot be shared without your knowledge.


Some facts that you may have missed;

  • E3 and E5 are more aimed at businesses who need compliancy.
  • Business gets you the Office suite only, it does not include email.
  • Compliancy –  E3 is the only one that has compliance solutions (archiving, legal hold capabilities so even when emails are hard deleted, they’re still recoverable).
  • File storage is compliant for regulated industries as data is kept in the EU datacentres, which means if you use OneDrive or SharePoint for file storage, you don’t need to worry about not being compliant (compliancy usually stipulates that data is not held outside the EU) as Microsoft has regionalised data centres.

*DropBox recently introduced the option to keep your files in an EU datacentre, but before that, if you were a company in a regulated industry, you couldn’t use Dropbox as data could be held in the US etc.

  • Office Business, ProPlus or Business Premium packages always include the latest version of the Office software without you having to pay extra.


As Microsoft has announced their 22% price increase* of their products to take effect from January 2017, Lucidica will follow suit with the 22% increase from January.
Speak to us about your Office 365 needs. We offer management – installation, handling problems, setting up new users.


*on-premises enterprise software will increase by 13% while
most enterprise cloud prices in British pounds will increase by 22%
business customers with cloud commitment subscriptions such as Office 365 also receive price protection during their subscription term, which is normally twelve months from the start of paid subscription.


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