kolibree smart toothbrush

The Weirdest Gadgets From CES 2014


The Weirdest Gadgets From CES 2014

The annual Consumer Electronics Show wrapped last week so we thought we’d look at some of the weirdest and most intriguing gadgets that graced the event.


Place your iPhone in the slot just like your old Sega Megadrive and voila – you can take 3D photos and videos. It’s a nice idea but it’s nothing more than a novelty toy. The kind of toy that gets played with for an hour then discarded in favour of something less gimmicky. Also, it’s a big hunk of plastic that’s impossible to take anywhere.

Kolibree Smart Toothbrush

This dental tool comes with an app so you can see how well you’re brushing your teeth, you know, like how long, whether you’re making the correct wrist movement, and all that important stuff that will make brushing teeth so much more fun than it already is. Impossible you say, but it also displays your tooth-brushing patterns in graphs for you to analyse; and what’s more fun than a graph?


Now this is what all follicle-challenged men have been waiting for. It’s a completely comfortable and discreet laser device that makes your hair grow. Just 25 minutes a day is apparently all you need to achieve luscious locks. What’s more amazing is there’s a headphone jack. Perfect.


Everyone who’s ever worn glasses will know how frustrating it is when your t-shirt just won’t get that smudge off your lens. But now, all the problems of the glasses-wearing population are solved. For just $1, this miniature car-wash type machine will swiftly clean your specs in 60 seconds. What would we do without it? Use a lens cloth?


We all love having our mothers watch over us constantly. From nagging us when we’ve forgotten to do something to commenting when we’ve done something they disapprove of; it’s like music to our ears.  Unfortunately, most of us don’t live with our mothers anymore, so the makers of this little device decided to help fill this hole in our lives.

‘Mother’ is a little object with a smiley face (presumably to make its nagging more like a friendly request) that sits in your house, watching you. You can place sensors on various objects in your home – your fridge, toothbrush, TV and such like – and Mother will monitor your use of these objects and be able to track them should they go missing. If you don’t like the idea of your ‘Mother’ knowing how many times you raid the fridge or how much TV you watch, then don’t let her in.

Yellow Jacket iPhone Case

An iPhone case? What’s so revolutionary about that? So this chunky case for the iPhone 5 and 5s effectively doubles the battery life of the phone. Great.

But wait, there’s more. The case is also a stun-gun. Yes, a stun-gun, not quite as powerful as a Taser (disappointing isn’t it) but it is effective enough to zap muggers into retreat and can even cause temporary paralysis.  We know what you’re thinking. Permanent paralysis would make this a winner. Just don’t play with it in the bath.

Chefjet 3D food Printer

What’s better than making your own sweets? Only making your own sweets that take several hours and costs $5,000 of course! This 3D food printer comes in two models in case one wasn’t enough. The first prints little candies in one colour whereas the more expensive model ($10,000) prints candies in several colours. For rich, cupcake-enthusiast parents, it will certainly make the competition stiff on the playground.