Tranquil PC ixL


Tranquil PC ixL

Totally silent, well almost. ..

Adding a Solid State Drive instead of your normal SATA drive would make this PC 100% quiet. There would be no moving parts at all, it even lack fans as it opts for a different method of cooling.

This tiny machine will make a great home media center, based on its silence, design and size. Other than a few air vents, its brushed black metal looks great and it is rather compact at 240 x 250 x 110mm.

Another huge positive is that manufacturers haven’t really sacrificed power for size for this tiny PC. Able to use Intel’s Core i3 or even Corei5 processors, this compact machine has far more power than most machines in its “compact” category.

As it is customisable you can opt for one or two hard drives, add up to 8GB RAM and even select TV cards to be installed.

For some 360 degree footage of this machine, have a look here

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