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UCapture. Save Money. Save the Planet.


UCapture. Save Money. Save the Planet.

UCapture is one of the newest and most exciting start-ups on our radar. An Australian based start-up that, using their online partners and browser extension, enables you to reduce your carbon emissions by shopping online whilst automatically applying discount codes to your online shop.

How It Works

How It Creates Carbon Offset

UCapture uses the partnerships it creates to fund projects all around the globe.

Whether its conservation efforts in Zimbabwe, reforestation schemes in Montreal Canada or Methane Capture Energy plants in Georgia, using UCapture on your browser will enable big change.

For Business’

If you are looking at bringing this into your workplace, and go one step further than personal use. An easy way to improve brand image and use in your marketing campaigns. We will be able to perform a batch install of Ucapture on all your units in one go. Heres how that will work from Avery Michaelson, the Founder of UCapture.

Start Saving

To get the extension added to your browser you have two options ahead of you.

For individual computers and personal devices, head to our affiliate page here.

For your work computers and to get it installed in your company, just fill out the form below and we’ll get you saving the planet in no time!

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