7 Tips For Small Businesses

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7 Tips For Small Businesses

7 Tips for Small Businesses

We all have been there, you have a great business idea, you build a website because let’s face it anyone these days with a laptop even an iPhone can custom build a website with a few clicks on an app or website. Your business is now up and running and you start getting some traffic but it doesn’t seem to last. You see your bills for your business that you thought was going to be your golden ticket turn into a huge hole in the ground.

You start doubting yourself and thinking is this the right decision? Should I have not followed my dreams and stuck with a 9-5 Monday through Friday and do what society tells me to do? NO! You should follow your dreams. If you’re a creative person a 9-5 might just not work for you. Starting your own business means that you might end up working more than the standard workweek but the results are far greater.


So, how do you overcome this?


  • Start Emailing Bloggers.

They could be bloggers you follow or that would pertain to what you are selling. By doing this you will gain followers and an audience. Typically, the bloggers would do a post about your product or service to their followers and soon you’ll start gaining customers. This I would say is the most important exposure that you can have.

  • Hire an Intern.

Having an intern allow you to gain further insight and offers a new perspective. Interns challenge ‘the way we’ve always done it’ and bring new and fresh ideas to the table. The experience will be beneficial to both parties as the experience within your business will enhance their education and further career prospects,

  • Look on Freelancing Websites.

My personal favorites are Upwork and Fiverr both these sites allow you to hire freelancers for pretty much anything that you need to be done at a low cost. Running a website, design, and everything else that comes along with it can get expensive. You might not have the most experienced but you will have someone who knows how to do the job and on a budget.

  • Strategize.

Make sure you do this before you get started and really plan a budget and follow through with it. The moment you lose sight of your strategy and business plan you lose all sight. What has always worked best for me is building a timeline. I give myself at least a 2-year timeline for these types of things and go from there. Set yourself how much profit you want to have the first month to the following 6 months and so forth.

  • Create social media accounts.

You can’t have an e-commerce without social media. Especially with the younger generations, this is where most of your traffic will come from and your followers. The best thing for you is to get shares with any of your posts. The more shares, the more likes, the more traffic onto your store and the more purchases, (which is the most important thing, we’re trying to make money)

  • Have a sale!

Give out special promo codes and deals at least once a month to get you started. People always love thinking that they are getting a goo deal and are will to purchase more with the thought of saving a little bit of money.

  • Never Doubt Yourself.

The moment you start doubting yourself is the moment that everything you believed in stops. Hundreds maybe even thousands of thoughts go through your head daily of self-doubt and disbelief. It’s easy to not go forward with business plans because you don’t know what the execution will be. However, if you think about the big brands you like such as Apple or Victoria’s Secrets both of those started with little to no money and they kept going and going and both now are huge successes.


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