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8 Ecommerce Marketing Tips For Outranking Your Competitors

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8 Ecommerce Marketing Tips For Outranking Your Competitors

Do you even realize where your present e-commerce adventure stands? You might have set up a comfortable and nice little store for selling running shoes or might have your own drop shipping business. For that, you have to bring in some new employees for managing all your orders. No matter whatever the situation might be, everyone gets to such a point where e-commerce marketing becomes a major factor. Now the major question is, how you are likely to step up a bit and evaluate the present marketing tactics? Are you functioning everything right?

E-commerce marketing is no doubt a tricky subject as it becomes tough to come to all tips under one place. But, following some simple tips can work your way out and guide you through a path to marketing success and offer list for you, which you might have to stick to.

#1 Have to create marketing strategy before it starts:

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Without building a proficient plan, nothing good will happen. Just like any movie studio has to go through preproduction procedure, similarly, the e-commerce business is in dire need of marketing strategy for your content.

  • Go through the list of all methods that you plan for reaching out to customers, whether it is of videos, blog posts or newsletters.
  • You have to create a point to check in with the strategy once in every week or month. It helps in evaluating how the content has been created and the current distribution procedure that is going on.

#2 Generating proficient email marketing campaign which is automated:

Email marketing is primarily the bedrock of the promising e-commerce marketing strategies, which is still one of the major methods for influencing customers and convincing them to purchase your items more.

  • Customers are always known to open up emails even when it is just simple advertising.
  • Using proficient email marketing campaigns for keeping up contact with customers is a great idea. It helps in sending them promising information and sell items.
  • You can further take help of some compassion websites, where you might end up with best email marketing software for the specified needs.

#3 Diversifying platforms using social media:


Social media has always been a tough sell for e-commerce companies as it might be tough for the platforms to figure out which one can work best in this market. There is always a simple solution to that. Diversifying the platform and then cutting down platforms will not work that well for you.

  • It is more like investing in stocks. If you try, you can spread out risk and then realize the options, which are helping you to make more money.
  • If you want, you can actually create Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Google pages for your help.
  • It is important to spread out content through these promising mediums and then use social media analytics tools for understanding the ones which will work best for you.
  • Even if anything else works better than another, you can spread out social media presence to customers to connect well with the company.

#4 Trying to put personalization strategy into complete action:

If you want your e-commerce service to be completely in your favor then you have to personalize strategy into its major action. Personalization is always the major marketing form as no one would like to spend money on some faceless companies. This current idea for a branding company with a person is a clever one. If you want, you can use either one or two people as the face of business.

  • It is mandatory for you to address people by their names in emails.
  • You can send images or videos of employees and then show how products are made.
  • Every little form of personalization will make customers feel special and will take complete peel into inner workings of the business.

#5 Have to work hard to create original content:

Content is King

Nothing helps in building a strong connection with customers just like the original content. Trying hard to work on a content marketing strategy is what you should be looking for. You might have unique opportunity to choose right between the original or the unoriginal content.

Multiple companies have this tendency to use content pulled around the web in e-commerce SEO strategies for freeing up time for other kinds of business tasks.

  • This step will not have the same effect just like working on original content.
  • Your customers will respond positively if you have the power to present original company content every week.
  • Some of the original contents like blog posts, videos, e-books, and audio segments might help in building an e-commerce site as a knowledge base for people interested in learning about the market well.

#6 Work on it with the contextual marketing:

The field of contextual marketing comes with multiple meanings. However, what you mean over here is marketing in some of the formats, which will connect with demographics. It helps in putting the message in right place at the correct time. You have to go through the norms first to learn more about the alternatives over here.

#7 Going for the user-generated content:

User-generated content is a perfect way to create interaction with customers and not having to put much money or even time into campaign from your side. An example might help you understand it more. Doritos is a reputed name and it is known to hold Super Bowl commercial submission based contest on a yearly count. So, you don’t have to pay for a production crew anymore for designing a video. It will make the Doritos fans rather excited and it will end up with commercial to air. The service works well whenever you ask people for submitting videos, pictures, and even blog posts.

#8 Working on the loyalty program:

A solid form of loyalty program will help in bringing people back to store and that will make it feel appreciated for spending quality money on the company. You have to convince loyal customers to spend extra bucks for receiving the reward.

Following the simple points are able to offer you with the thoughtful results as implemented.