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Are IT Technicians In Demand?

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Are IT Technicians In Demand?

IT support technicians, who help resolve anything IT-related whether it be a software or hardware issue, are becoming more and more in demand as everything goes digital. With businesses now primarily functioning online, IT support is becoming increasingly crucial to businesses that want to succeed and stay ahead of competition. 

In this article, we explore in more detail why IT technicians are now in demand.

Why Are They In Demand?

Following the pandemic in 2020, there has been an increase in demand for IT technicians. As the world shut down, and companies moved business online, this led to the increase in people relying on technology for their businesses to function and in turn the requirement for IT technicians to be ready to assist with technical issues.

This time, unfortunately, also saw a large increase in cyber-attacks across big corporations. The leading example out of the UK is that of the BBC, who states that across a four-month period, they had to block almost 50 million cyber-attacks. With high profiles at risk, such as large corporations, government databases and politicians at risk of data leaks from hackers, it’s becoming more evident that IT technicians are continuously in high demand.

What Is an IT Technician and What Do They Do?

An IT technician has a range of tasks that they might do, depending on their skill set. For example, they might install and manage technical issues for computers and printers, both remotely and in-house, or they might be responsible for network support systems. 

Commonly, an IT technician has the skills to install and maintain hardware and software, meaning that the computers and systems are operating correctly. They will also be the go-to person within companies to assist staff who encounter computer or software difficulties and might be in charge of staff training regarding software, computer use, printers and more. An IT technician is considered to be an entry-level position, a detailed list of job roles is listed here:

  • Installing software and hardware: Ensuring the safe download and installation of the software or hardware to the computer system. Often then in charge of training staff and ensuring the maintenance is up-to-date.
  • Diagnosing software and hardware issues: An IT technician might run reports and review them to diagnose any issues, then go on to resolve them.
  • Offering network support: They will ensure the computer network is running smoothly and working at its full capacity, alongside assisting the staff members in a workplace with guidance and support.
  • Assist with security protocols: The installation and testing of security features will be completed by an IT technician, or with the help of one. 

For IT Technicians that are highly skilled, they might also have a significant role in ensuring that online security is maintained within companies to prevent cyber-attacks, alongside taking care of the network to maintain optimal speed.

Although the need for IT technicians was quite prominent in the early days of computers, as it was a new concept for many, nowadays, the demand for IT technicians is increasing and this is partly due to many companies having to move towards an online business approach. 
In the UK, there is also an increase in demand for IT personnel within the public sector, especially in relation to education and the medical system, the NHS. For example, the NHS has set out a ‘long term plan’ to move towards a more convenient technological system, which in turn will increase job opportunities within the tech industry, too.

What Is the Difference Between an IT Technician and an IT Specialist?

Although both titles are very similar and hold many of the same task requirements, an IT technician usually has a lower job title and carries out tasks on a more basic level than an IT specialist. They might carry out tasks such as installation and monitoring, alongside being the first-to-call for any technical issues within a workplace, however, an IT specialist might be the person who plans and implements new systems for companies.

Why Are IT Technicians Essential?

From a business viewpoint, IT technicians are extremely important as most workplaces rely on technology and software, or hardware, to productively get through the day. They assist with the daily maintenance of networks, too, which in turn allows for a fast-paced workplace. 

There is also the extremely beneficial factor that they help a business secure sensitive data and ensure it’s only accessible by the right people. Without an IT technician, your company might be easily hacked and this is of major concern in regard to data protection. They ensure protection by using strong passwords that might constantly need updating, reading technical reports and ensuring that there are no irregularities, and if so, they act swiftly to resolve the issue.