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To our Lucidica Clients, Friends and Partners,

It is with great sadness that I deliver the news that our colleague and friend Kristjan died on Monday 2nd July. Kristjan has been a part of Lucidica since he first started in 2012 and quickly became an integral part of the business. Everyone that has worked at Lucidica, past and present, knew him as fun loving, hard-working, silly and an extremely wonderful person, filled with funny jokes and friendship.

Kristjan wasn’t just an employee to everyone at Lucidica but as one ex-Lucidican eloquently expressed, he was like a second father, an annoying older brother, a teacher and a best friend. Someone we could go to make us laugh or help with any problem, big or small. We share our deepest condolences with Kristjan’s family and wanted to share some of our memories and the legacy Kristjan has left at Lucidica.

Kristjan was first interviewed via phone to be one of our engineers back in 2012 while he was still living in his home country of Iceland. For his interview at our office, he called our Operations Manager panicked and running late because he couldn’t find the building, only for her to find him directly outside of our office looking the opposite way.

Going from Engineer to Senior Engineer to an Engineer and Head of the Products at Lucidica, his impact cannot be underestimated. He had many account clients who listened to his IT advice and consultancy and laughed at his Icelandic humour. Throughout his time at Lucidica he coached and assisted many of the younger engineers, training them on everything from technical knowledge to communications assistance. He was a mentor to them and will be remembered for always pushing them to clean up the comms room.

His love for Liverpool FC created many football related office debates and he was the first to jump at any food plans or free food. Our Founder, Thomas Jeffs and he embarked on many interesting challenges such as the iMac Fish Tank project, which like some of the best ideas, developed from late night drinks in the office.

Even throughout his battle with cancer which lasted two difficult years, he would frequently email everyone in the Lucidica office with a funny anecdote or fact that would incite laughter and sometimes disbelief, he had some interesting stories!

Though Lucidica won’t ever be quite the same again, we will continue to carry on Kristjan’s legacy here and try and put a bit of Kristjan in to everything we do. Kristjan will always be a part of Lucidica and we will all cherish the fact we were able to call him our friend.

If you’d like to give something & a message, then we’re doing a GoFundMe page here going to the hospice that took care of him at end of life and his family