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Making Hot-Desking A Hit

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Making Hot-Desking A Hit

We spend 40 hours a week at work and more often than not we spend more time with our colleagues than we do with our friends and loved ones. So at Lucidica we decided to make the most of it by turfing out some desks, hopping on the hot-desking bandwagon, going paperless and transforming 1/5 of our office space into a play room come chill out area.

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We noticed that we had an increasing amount of empty desks in our office at times when team members were out of the office, we wanted to make use of its wasted space, so we decided to move over to hot-desking and make room for more fun stuff.


Admittedly there was a small amount of resistance towards this idea from those in the office who enjoy their creature comforts. Some members of the team weren’t too happy with the suggestion that their nests may be disturbed, but as it turns out, everyone really does have a price and a bit of bribery with cool gadgets or a games console went a long way.


There were of course perfectly legitimate, strategical business decisions behind this new arrangement. But not so deep down we just wanted a cool office and some fun stuff to play with. This is how we transformed our office into the finest work space of any small business in London.


Step one:  Give some of your old desks away and clear your new space ready for the transformation


Step two: Get everyone on board and make to make hot-desking as painless as possible. Eventually, we figured out a way to keep everyone happy and make sure we were able to use any computer in the office. This is the solution we came up with;


Step Three:  Get a pet – We went with fish. The star of the show and office favourite is aptly named

‘Jo Jo Beyonce Cod Stewart’


Step Four: Stay hydrated. The spirits shelf along with the beer and wine fridge have helped sway opinions on the new space and the coffee machine was a must for all our caffeine addicts and French members of staff.


Step Five: Add your gadgets. So far we have a darts board, PS4, Nintendo Wii, 2 x 42” TV’s, novelty lights including must have bat signal and a Sonos speaker in every corner. But the piece de resistance is the retro arcade game coffee table; now finally, we can play street fighter and Pac-Man whilst eating lunch!


Step Six: Make it comfy with giant beanbags and a jazzy deep pile carpet.


Step Seven: Keep it Zen and throw in some plants and give everyone their own personal storage boxes.


 Step Eight: Make sure you use it. All of this has inspired us to introduce some new things, such a coke float Friday, movie days, popcorn in the afternoons and drinks after work. Our staff happiness and productivity levels are through the roof!