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Ode to… the Dartboard

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Ode to… the Dartboard

dartboardAt Lucidica, one of our core values is to have fun. It helps us to enjoy what we do and that in turn makes us great at what we do. We have a close-knit team and put a lot of effort into making sure everyone who works here is happy.

Our office has a lot of fun elements to it, like inspirational artwork, a staff quote board and a fridge full of delicious juices. But nothing compares to the dartboard. It’s covered in pictures of us having fun, and it lights up to the sound of music. A game of darts is perfect for when our eyes start to go fuzzy from staring at computer screens, or when we just need a break.

The dart board is positioned proudly on the wall for all to see. It has a dominating presence that says we’re all about having fun and building a team. A game of darts builds friendships. Those that are good at it, teach those who have never played before. It also builds trust, because those things are sharp!

Without the dartboard, Lucidica wouldn’t be the same. It represents our personality and without it, we wouldn’t have as much fun. The dartboard is our unsung hero because it’s a reminder to us not to take everything so seriously. We love our work, but we also love the little things that make our place of work enjoyable. So thank you, dartboard. You’ve given us years of happiness. Your tiny holes and scrapes are proof of that.

 This blog is part of the ‘Ode to’ series by Hiscox, who kindly asked us to contribute. You can find out more about the campaign here, but be sure to watch the video below called ‘Ode to the Kettle’.