Our Values & How We Got There

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Our Values & How We Got There

Here at Lucidica we want our clients to feel like family. We aim to provide tailored IT Support for businesses based in London but it doesn’t just revolve around that. We want to beat the automated telephone and provide personalised support to everyone and have the highest customer satisfaction.  As part of becoming part of the Lucidica family (whether you are already a client or considering it) we feel like you need to know a little bit about us, because you have to know your family member’s birth/establishment date, right?

So below is our story and where we are at now;


As you can see above, our values are the things we believe define us. After a night of pizza and brainstorming we came up with these 6 values. This solid set of values represent what’s important to Lucidica as a company and as a team. Below are our values broken down a bit, so you can see why we chose them;

We’re collaborative in our approach to helping people and strive for strong relationships internally and externally

  • Understanding our clients, providing better value, knowing what makes them tick and what they need from their technology
  • Helping your team members get the right results

Things change, we understand that. We’re an SME, so we can adapt – a little like a chameleon

  • Seeing change as a positive & adapting to it
  • Being technically agnostic

We’re honest, and do what we say we will

  • Holding ourselves accountable for our work & putting our clients’ needs first
  • Doing what we say we will, externally and internally

We pride ourselves in sharing our knowledge

  • Providing clients with expert knowledge, and the right solution for their needs
  • Constantly learning & sharing what we learn with each other

We like fun it makes us happy

  • Doing fun stuff as a team, making each other laugh, enjoying what we do
  • Building a fun environment

Building the foundations for growth

  • Delivering required results on our development plans
  • Looking to the future; your future, our clients or Lucidica’s

You can also find out values here.

If you spot any of these in our team’s work do let us know on our Twitter