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10 Marketing Tips: B2B Marketing Expo

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10 Marketing Tips: B2B Marketing Expo

Europe’s BIGGEST marketing event: B2B Marketing Expo was held recently in ExCel London on the 21st and 22nd of March. This event was also running alongside other marketing expos within B2C, technology, sales innovation and call & contact centre.

With 700 exhibitors, 500 seminars, A LOT of freebies (gotta love free stuff!) and masterclasses, you can imagine how busy it was!

I don’t know how you feel about crowded marketing expos, but for me? They can be super useful!

I managed to attend both days and was lucky enough to sit (and stand) through 9 seminars in total. I was able to learn and expand my knowledge from these informative seminars whilst gaining inspiration from the surroundings of the unique creativity of products and designs displayed.

The seminars gave me a great insight of what’s to come for the digital marketing era and what’s currently going on now.

Here are 10 summarised marketing tips gained from the seminars that should be kept in mind when marketing!

10 Marketing Tips

  1. Customers determine what good service is, not us. They need something, we deliver it to them. We have to meet their expectations.
  2. When you’re creating an email campaign, having less content is more valuable.
  3. When it comes to landing page optimisation, make the website simple and easy to use because visitors don’t want to think too much when they’re visiting your website.
  4. A content marketing plan that works: have an engagement gradient where information from the beginning is simple and then becomes more detailed towards the end.
  5. Your website page bounce rates need to be low as possible (20-40%). However, some pages would be good to have high bounce rates such as blog pages.
  6. Blockchain will create a shift towards purpose, authentic value creation, community curation and experience.
  7. When promoting online, show more emotion and less promotion. KNOW your audience and HOW to promote to them. Create brand familiarity by using consistent designs and branding.
  8. Better engagement with customers means stop guessing what they are interested in, ‘listen’ to their behaviour and track their activity. Engagement marketing is about being customer centric.
  9. To build lead generation on LinkedIn, we must know our customers and connect with them. Our profiles must have all company information and everything relevant- including images and videos.
  10. Promotional material, products and designs displayed by companies can be used as an inspiration to create unique designs ideas.

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