How SEO Has Changed in 7 Years

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How SEO Has Changed in 7 Years

Well before reading this article it is vital you read one of our older blogs, created nearly 7 years ago!! This is because in 2010 our founder, Thomas Jeffs, wrote a blog about how he made Lucidica get to the first page on Google for IT Support London. It took him an impressive 3 months to get from page 72 to page one. He gives some great and still relevant tips on how to get there (and no, these tips aren’t to pay a fortune to get advertised on the top three!)

So, I thought I would make an infographic to see what has really changed since Thomas took on his gin related SEO challenge. What do we have to do as a marketing department that he didn’t have to do then to get higher in Google’s lovely rankings? This is a crucial infographic for everyone and anyone in marketing. From the companies that nailed marketing a couple of years ago but their progress has become stagnant to the new companies who are making their ways through tens of pages to get to page one!


So, there we go. What we think has changed about SEO in the past 7 years. Obviously, content will forever be king and good, reliable and unique content will always increase your rankings in Google. However, these advancements have meant that marketing and SEO has become more challenging with the new inability to pay for thousands of links to made up sites. Proper SEO is now harder to cheat your way around making it more about time, effort and expertise.


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