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How to Increase your Twitter Following

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How to Increase your Twitter Following

Twitter is one of the top social media platforms that all businesses should use. It offers a great way to promote your business and interact with people who, potentially, could become customers. Below we’ve listed some sure-fire ways to increase your following.


Though Twitter limits you to 140 characters per tweet, posting good quality content is key to building a following. This means staying away from self-promotion and starting conversations with people instead. Posting photos and asking questions are great ways to generate engagement. Using hashtags is also a good way to get your tweets noticed. So, for example, if you tweet using #recipe, anybody searching for that hashtag will see your tweets. Shared interests and interesting and informative content are why people will follow you. Just be careful not to post too much as this could have the opposite effect!

How to increase Twitter followers


It’s important to engage with your followers and this in turn can help you attract more followers. So retweet interesting posts from others, comment on other people’s tweets, ask for a retweet yourself and thank people for following you. The idea is to get yourself out there as much as possible. A simple ‘thanks for the retweet’ can go a long way in building a relationship with your followers. It might also mean people buy from you over your competitors.

Make it easy for people

If you use other social media platforms mention your Twitter account on them. Put your twitter feed or icons on your website and make your presence known everywhere you can online. Remember to fill out your bio on Twitter too. Change your background and add a link to your website. Anybody who comes across your tweets will want to know who you are and what you do, so they won’t follow you if your bio is blank. It’s also worth printing your twitter account details on business cards or display it on slideshows or handbooks whenever you give a presentation or seminar. Make your Twitter account known wherever you go.


It’s okay to tell people about what you sell once in a while but there’s a better way to self-promote. Try starting a competition exclusive to Twitter, or post details of a discount which users can get if they follow you. If you have an important announcement to make, countdown to it with several tweets over a period of time that lead up to the big announcement. This will make sure people don’t miss your announcement but it’ll also stir up a buzz and some eager anticipation.

These are the main ways to build up your Twitter following, but remember it takes time and effort. If you have any other tips, leave a comment below.