Increase Sales with Social Media

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Increase Sales with Social Media

In this day and age, we have been coupled with technology to form an ultimate alliance – man and the machines. We use phones and computers more than we might like, but it is a marketing tool that cannot be excused by anyone. Whether you’re a small kitchen fitting business or a multi-national airline company, you’ll need to use some form of social media to advertise to potential clients and customers. Hitting high engagement and maximising reach potential is vital to a business’s survival. Take a look at the case studies below, as they clearly outline the importance of social media.

Mr. Clean’s Super Bowl Valentine’s Day Campaign

It’s a well-known fact that the Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. With over 111.9 million people watching this year, it has always been the hallmark of marketing campaigns. That said though, it doesn’t come cheap. With a standard 30 second half-time advert sometimes clocking in at around $5 million (an average of around $166,000 a second), it’s incredibly important that you get it right.

Mr. Clean’s Super Bowl campaign focused on the flaws of a cleaning product. The unattractive nature of household products was brought to life by adding a sexy and flirtatious twist to a dull subject. The video was exactly 30 seconds long and soared to the top of multiple social media platforms. By the end of the game, Mr. Clean had received 11,700 interactions across the board and reached a total of 17 million views on YouTube. Because of the execution of the ad, it sparked an uproar online, indicating that sales of the product took a steady incline too. Creating a campaign that is a break in the chain is a fantastic way to generate leads and increase sale potential, but it can be hit or miss in regards to successfully achieving your goals.

Ant-Man Billboard Campaign

Many of you probably trotted off to the cinema to see Ant-Man back in 2015. In case you missed it, here is the marketing campaign that was employed for the film down under in Australia.

Dotted over a series of cities, Ant-Man’s marketing team created a series of tiny billboards to advertise the feature film. The obvious and simplistic idea was recognised instantly by the masses, who took to the web to express their joy in finding the billboards. Thousands of images cropped up all over Twitter, which rolled over to advertising news websites like AdWeek reporting on the spectacle pretty much instantly.

Above everything else, the interaction that a brand generates within social media platforms helps potential clients remember the name, remember the product or service and helps improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). No matter how big your business is, outreach is a wonderful thing!

All marketers know that these techniques are vital to reach your target audience via the channels they use and social media provides the perfect opportunity to do this – depending on your content, you can target a specific audience. So, find out which social media sites your customers hang out at and create a brand presence there. Take tips from these types of campaigns and integrate social media into your marketing campaigns to see the best results.

Can’t think of anything outside the box, or just having a hard time with managing your social media? Why not give Lucidica a call. Our team of marketing professionals will guide your business to success using social media campaigns, blog posting and much more!