Promote your Small Business Online for Free

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Promote your Small Business Online for Free

These days, It’s all about marketing online and one of the best things about it is the various selection of wonderful free tools to use. In this blog, we’ll look at promoting your business through 4 effective promotional areas: Social Media, Content, Email and Networking.
To choose the right platform you just have to think about What fits your business style? and What suits your target market? Because a lot of businesses that fail, fail because they try and put minimal resources into everything!

Social Media

Social Media is the source to turn to when one has some valuable news to share. A place where feelings, thoughts and ideas are shared (some of which should probably have just been kept to themselves ? ).

Utilising the social platforms online with the content you’ve created is a great way to get your news out there- use it to form your brand awareness and personality.

Remember not ALL social media platforms are the same, find the ones which best fit your business and get it moving in the right direction.

Here are some easy tips to promote via Social Media:

1. Have a Social media redirect/share button on website.

2. Use a Consistent Profile Picture and Image Style to be recognisable.

3. Create specific Images for your Promotions to share on all your chosen Platforms.

4. SHARE the content you worked so hard to create!

5. Put your “Business Page” as your workplace on your Personal Facebook Profile.

6. Memorable Bio Description: Sell you brand personality!

7. Add a Link to your website or a great piece of work you’ve done!

8. Pin IMPORTANT posts on Facebook and Twitter.

9. Create a Google+ Profile: Anything to improve your Google rankings!

10. Strategically use Hashtags on Instagram and Twitter.

11. Do a Periscope or Facebook Live Video: So people know you on a deeper level.

12. “Retweet” or Share relevant and great content from supplemental businesses or bloggers (and tag them!)

13. Share images on Instagram or Facebook that support your Brand Personality: Try funny puns/memes, quotes, inspirational images or tips.


Content is all about sharing something valuable to your audience. You can show them that you can relate to them and inspire them with something beneficial. More importantly, the type of content you create and how you express it can make your audience trust you!

Relatable and useful information is best for convincing your audience to view, use and visit your site and products you have to offer.

1. Create a guide Blog
No matter what type of business you are, you can always write a ‘how-to’ or ‘top tips’ guide blog. Share your knowledge with your audience, show them that they can trust you, give them the impression that you know exactly what you’re talking about.

2. Create a Blog that enhances your Product/ Service
Write a blog that is relevant to the product or service that you are offering. For example, if you sell nutritious food, write a blog about meal prep ideas.

3. Create a Portfolio
Gather together the work you’ve done, success stories, or case studies so your audience can see the great work you do.

5. Make a free eBook, Checklist or Workbook
Much like a guide or tip but in a book format or checklist.

6. Create an Infographic or SlideShare
People prefer images more than reading. Creating an infographic or SlideShare visually explains what you’re trying to tell; with more pictures than writing. Saves the readers from dauntingly looking at an essay type blog

7. Make quick YouTube tutorial videos
What’s the second thing someone does when they’re looking for information or don’t know how to do something? They YouTube it! YouTube is the second largest search engine and it a great marketing tool!

8. Host online webinars or workshops
Teach something valuable that will lead into your product/service.

9. Write a Roundup Post
Asking questions to influencers in your industry (they will likely share out to their audience!)

10. Links!
Have a lot of related links to your content to make people move around your website.


Email marketing is basically sending catered messages to your clients. The special thing about email marketing is that the list belongs to you! Unlike the changing social media algorithms, the message you want to send out will reach your clients when you want!

This method is good for converting and maintaining clients by giving help and useful reminders.

Check out some these ideas:

1. Customise your Footer in your Normal Emails
Decorate with your logo, Website links, social media links or latest promotion or blog post.

2. Follow up new subscribers with some other content they might be interested in

3. Write Emails exclusive emails (can’t be seen anywhere else)
So, provide extra value such as behind the scenes thoughts, additional content, promotions or monthly offers. Give them a reason to stay!

4. Follow up with People who purchased requesting feedback and offer extra advice

5. Find a list of potential customers and send them PERSONALISED one on one emails with a conversational message


Did you just feel daunted already by seeing the word ‘Networking’? Same.
However, networking online is a great promotional method for your business! You’ve got to be in the right place where customers or companies can refer you on. The best way to network is to listen and be helpful. Making genuine connections with people is the way forward in creating awareness and relationships.

How to network online:

1. Participate in Facebook Groups

2. Join in Twitter Chats
If an influencer within your industry is hosting these, join in!

3. Comment on Other Blogs or Videos
Join in the discussion, especially if the blog is relevant to your business- don’t be too pushy, just have a genuine conversation.

4. Reply to Comments on Competitors Blogs
If you’ve got the solution that your competitors don’t, why not comment?

5. Participate in Online Forums

6. Word of mouth
Tell your friends and family to spread the word!

7. Add your Business to Free Local Directories

8. Product or Service Review from Influencers

9. Guest Post on a Successful Blog for your industry

10. Make a Coffee Date!
Meet with people in your local area who might be interested in your product/service.

If you want to know more about marketing online, why not contact us!


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