4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Writing a Blog

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4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Writing a Blog

Your blog is one of your company’s most valuable marketing tools. You use it to engage with your clients, increase website traffic and create brand awareness.

The best blogs are usually engaging, add value and most importantly align with the company’s mission. It’s often challenging to be consistent in publishing blogs with valuable and engaging content- trust me, I know!

So before you write your blog ask yourself these questions.

(These are the questions I used to ask myself half way through a blog *face-palm*)


  1. What do you want your audience to know?

The main purpose of you writing a blog in the first is place is probably to share a ‘story’. You want to share your experience, give advice or inform your readers about something, right?

This question is something you should always refer back to.

When writing your blog, always think about what you’re trying to tell your audience. Consider your current readers and think about how this blog you are writing can add value to their lives. Throw in some personal knowledge and experiences, your own perspectives or others’ opinions.

Always remember, this blog is supposed to add value to enhance your audiences’ lives in some type of way; no one likes useless information.


  1. How do you want your audience to feel about your content?

I will reveal a little secret to you. Here at Lucidica, we love to engage with our audience in a conversational, fun way as this naturally expresses our company’s personality. But of course, we also want to give them a welcoming feeling so that they’re drawn to read more of our blogs. Then we just let the quality of our content speak for itself after that.

Ideally, if you’re giving advice or tips you’ll want your audience to feel like they can rely on you for help and that you already have the answers to their questions!

As for blogging in general, be passionate in what you write. People often respond to passion; It makes them feel intrigued and interested.  Be honest. By doing so, you’ll be gaining your audiences’ trust. No one likes fake opinions. Write because you want to bring authentic value to peoples’ life.

Initially, be real; be yourself! Then let quality follow.


  1. How do you want your audience to respond?

This is the call to action part of your blog. When your readers realise the value of your content, it’s only natural for them to want to share it with others. Make sure your content encourages readers to leave comments if you’ve enabled commenting. Allow them to share your article on social media and sign up for your newsletters to keep them updated.

The more helpful your content is to your reader, it increases the chance of them sharing it on their social media page- That’s what you should be aiming for really.


  1. Is the title provocative?

This might be an obvious question all bloggers ask themselves. The title is what draws viewers in to read your wonderful content in the first place. Take advantage of people’s curiosity, provoke them.

Titles may be all that a reader sees and if it’s not interesting enough for them to want to take a few moments out of their time to read your blog, then your title is probably lame.

No matter how incredibly awesome your content may be, if you don’t have people at the title, you don’t have them at all. But be very careful, don’t advertise something in your title that you aren’t going to provide, everyone hates clickbait. Doing that will only lose the readers trust and they will learn to avoid your blogs in the future.

Now work your magic!

Keep these questions in mind when you begin writing your blog. It will certainly add more clarity and understanding to your content.

Remember to focus on your readers’ needs and be honest!

Your blog is all about adding value to the lives of your audience. Quality > Quantity, always.


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