How the Task Manager can help you

How the Task Manager can help you

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Task Manager is a powerful tool that can show you why your computer is running slow, misbehaving or which program is draining your resources whether they are CPU, RAM, disk or network resource.

You can open Task Manager in a variety of ways:

Keyboard Shortcut: Press Ctrl+Shift+Escape anywhere in Windows.

Mouse Shortcut: Right-click the Windows taskbar and select Start Task Manager.

Traditional Method: Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and select Start Task Manager.

When you open Task Manager you will have the option to sort the processes by the resource you want to check. When checking the CPU you might want to check CPU time. Perhaps one of the programs which you were using is generating more usage when you weren’t looking.

This will give you an idea which software needs your attention.

Another use of Task Manager is to terminate suspicious or misbehaving processes and eliminate them or get more information for them (by checking their properties). Task Manager is a helpful tool when you need to see what processes are running and easily restart them if needs be.

You can also check the Start-up programs and disable any you don’t need loading when the computer starts. Just navigate to the Start-up tab and amend the services you want.

You can see which users are logged onto your computer. It will not show you all of the profiles but it will show you ones that have been logged recently.

From the menu bar you can open a new task and give the computer nay command to run (i.e. the command iexplore.exe opens Internet Explorer)

Hope it helps!