SharePoint error | The drive is already mapped | + Tips

SharePoint error | The drive is already mapped | + Tips

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Issue: You get an error on SharePoint saying something like ‘The drive is already mapped blah blah blah.”


  1. a) Net use – will list all the mapped drives on your system, even the ‘ghost’ ones (without letter assigned). Remove it with net use /delete followed by full address of drive destination;
  2. b) If net use did not show anything – just assign a drive a different letter.


  1. Add the following to Trusted sites in Internet Explorer 


  1. Before you map a drive, login to Office 365 via Internet Explorer and tick ‘Remember my credentials’;
  1. Open the full clients address in internet explorer and make sure it opens the files without any logon prompt so
  1. Go to Services and make sure WebClient service is set to Automatic;
  1. When mapping a drive, make sure ‘Reconnect sign-in’ and ‘Connect using different credentials’ boxes are ticket (make sure to use Office 365 email and password in the credentials prompt);

(you’ll be prompted twice for the username and password, make sure you fill it in twice and twice select remember credentials)

  1. Go to Internet Explorer settings – Tools, Options, Connections, LAN Settings, uncheck ‘Automatically detect Settings’ – this will significantly improve the connection to sharepoint.


I hope this helps!