Unable to e-mail BTinternet.com addresses

Unable to e-mail BTinternet.com addresses

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BT use their own spam checker that is not queried by any spam services websites. If you find that you can’t email BTinternet.com addresses (or any domain hosted with BT), and all spam checkers are saying that your IP is clean, go to BT’s own spam provider and get your IP taken off the list!

Here’s how:

1. Open Google and type in ‘IP’ [To find out your IP address]

2. Go to http://miracare.mirapoint.com/checkip.html

3. Enter your IP into the box

Scrolling down will show you your results

If you find that your IP has been incorrectly flagged, click ‘Report and Request to Release a Mistakenly Blocked IP Address’ and submit your claim.

Hope this helps!