IT Support Contracts


IT Support Contracts & Onsite Support

We cover a lot of services all in one monthly contract that has been specifically created for your business’ budget and needs.

We are a bit different from our competitors in the sense that we don’t have a standard contract that we make our clients fit into, you create your requirements and we make a contract that supports that.

Also, we don’t have size requirements. We have IT support contracts for all sizes of businesses including one-man bands we love when we get the opportunity to grow with a client, right from the very start.

At Lucidica, IT support contracts are what we do.

We aim to provide around the clock IT services for you and deal with all of you technical needs, even if it involves liaising with one of your suppliers!
We are a B2B IT support company and provide technical support to companies all over London from a host of different industries.

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Services includes:
Proactive audits
Server/NAS only support
Networking (Routers, Switches, Phone Management)
Yearly account engineer meeting
PCs, Laptops and Mobile devices are covered
Not for profit reduced rates
Setting up managed services

How it works

The process we follow to get you on board

01 The Process

01. First Contact
You contact us letting us know what you are looking for by filling our form or calling us.
02. Discussion
We arrange a follow up call with an engineer to answer any technical questions.
03. Evaluation
We meet at your office to look at your current IT set up to understand your business needs.
04. Proposal
We send you a bespoke contract proposal and call to discuss proposal and answer any questions.
05. Final Step
After the contract is signed, we start your onboarding process!

What we need from you

Couple of questions we ask you

02 Information

How many Desktops/Laptops do you have and are they PC or Mac?
What operating system are they using?
How are you currently backing up your data? Cloud, do you have a NAS or a Server?
Can you tell me a bit about your networking infrastructure set up? Routers, switches, wireless access points?
Do you have any printers that require support?
Do you know where your emails are hosted? Office 365, Google mail?
Do you have any remote users?
What kind of support are you looking for? Remote? Onsite? Ad-Hoc?

What you need to know

If you have any burning questions you might find them here.

03 Frequesntly Asked Questions

How does the Service Desk work?
When you call you will speak with one of the engineers on the Quick Win Desk. S/he will log your job or take a look at the issue. If the job is urgent please highlight this to the engineer when you call. We aim to start quick win jobs immediately. Quick win jobs are jobs that take 20 minutes or less. Some examples include: password resets, email forwards and adding out of office messages etc. If not, it will be passed on to the most appropriate engineer who will start the job within your service level agreement.
How quick is your response time?
The service level agreement is the part of your contract agreement with Lucidica. This defines what you provide and what you can expect regarding our response rates. As a rule of thumb we action these jobs sooner than the SLA dictates but the timeframe above gives you an indication of what is outlined in your contract.
How proactive are Lucidica with communication?
Once the job is started, the engineer will keep you updated on it’s progress. When finished they will confirm with you and close the job. We also survey 25% of closed jobs for customer service satisfaction to ensure that we are upholding our standards. In addition, all of our contract clients are assigned an account engineer, it is their responsibility to oversee the overall health of a client’s account and systems. This includes having an overview of the technology used, how you work, up and coming changes and any service feedback. Depending on your contract they will consult with you bi-annually/annually to develop a long term IT strategy and suggest solutions that will improve your overall IT environment.
How much does and IT Support Contract cost?
Prices vary massively dependent on how big your company is and what level of support you require. Before we can give you an accurate quote we need to know a little bit more about you to get a better understanding of how you and your business works to tailor the quote to your specific needs.
Do you have 24/7 IT Support?
We do have an on-call engineer 24/7 for remote support. However, calling out of hours does incur a surcharge.

Need a quote for IT Support Contracts?