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If you asked me what one of the most remarkable aspects of Lucidica’s company culture is, I would say the Strategy Away Day! This annual event, spanning 2 or 3 days, allows us to leave behind all our “I can’t come, I have other plans” excuses and come together to travel to different locations in Europe. However, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, our team from the Kiev office was unable to join us this year as well. They had to organise their Strategy Away Day in Kiev.

Despite this unfortunate situation, what makes this event truly special for us is its purpose. The Strategy Away Day aims to strengthen the bonds between team members, review our achievements over the past year, and discuss new ideas for the next chapter to foster company growth. I know from my description, the Strategy Away Day may sound like a very formal event to you, but believe me, it’s quite the opposite.

What Was the Plan for SAD 2024?

As I mentioned, each year we travel to different locations in Europe, which requires more planning than simply booking for a couple of people. However, we always succeed with careful advance planning and end up in beautiful cities that allow us to experience a variety of ambiances.

This year, our concept for SAD was completely different from the previous city breaks – it was the best one so far. Our lovely manager, Nubia, planned everything for the whole team and, months later, she announced the surprise: “We are going to an all-inclusive hotel on the beach in Albania!” Yes, that’s right, we went to one of the best beach hotels in Albania, and it was fantastic!

Some scenes from our travel 😊

How Did We Spend SAD 2024?

When the team arrived at the hotel in Albania, it was late evening. Despite knowing we had an early morning meeting the next day, we couldn’t resist enjoying drinks while taking in the summer breeze.

Part 1: The next morning, before starting the meeting, our engineers made all the necessary technical arrangements to connect with our team in Ukraine via video call, as they couldn’t join us in person.

What was on our agenda:

  • Operations Presentations 
  • Management Presentations
  • Company Strategy and Targets 2024/2025
  • Discussion-DISC
  • Business AmA (‘Ask me any question’ to management)
  • Free Time 

Once everything was set up, we began our official Strategy Away Day with presentations from each department, highlighting the challenges they faced, their achievements over the year, and their contributions to Lucidica. This was followed by a review of the overall company results and a discussion on new strategies and targets for 2024/2025.

Part 2: In the second part of the Strategy Away Day meeting, we were divided into different groups based on our DiSC personalities to share ideas on how we could generate revenue for the company. If you’re unfamiliar with the DiSC® personality assessment, it is used by companies to enhance workplace communication, teamwork, and productivity. By developing a shared vocabulary, team members are better able to put aside their differences and work together more effectively.

Our groups included a variety of personality types, and we discussed ideas and how we could implement them. This part of the meeting is highly valuable for discovering new business opportunities and reinforcing the relationships among team members.

Finally, we concluded our meeting with a Business Ask Me Anything (AmA) session, where all team members could ask management any questions about the business. This concept helps the team understand the strategies and perspectives of management, removing barriers between management and the team.

Part 3: After 4-5 hours of meetings, we were ready to have some fun! We immediately headed to the beach to relax, enjoy the sun, and spend time together, not forgetting the complimentary drinks and food the hotel offered. While some of us played volleyball, others preferred to lounge under the sun and soak up some vitamin D. In the evening, we gathered for dinner and continued with drinks, enjoying each other’s company.

On our last day, we still had enough time before leaving the hotel, so we made the most of everything the hotel had to offer. Some of us spent time by the pool, while others enjoyed the hotel’s luxurious spa area. Over these two and a half days, we laughed, had fun, and spent quality time together.

The Strategy Away Day 2024 in Albania was an unforgettable experience. Once again, our hearts were filled with sadness as our team from Kiev was unable to join us, facing the ongoing conflict and the difficulties in Ukraine. But, from the London office’s perspective, the event was an amazing in terms of supporting team unity, recognising our accomplishments, and paving the way for future development. The combination of presentations, engaging DISC discussions, and leisurely beach time smashed a perfect balance, resulting in a productive and enjoyable event.

As we resume our daily work schedules, we have developed stronger connections and created lasting memories that will undoubtedly drive us towards reaching our goals for 2024/2025. Lucidica’s Strategy Away Day remains a shining example of how we are committed to collaboration and a dynamic business environment.

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