Best Tech for Students


Best Tech for Students

It’s September once again which means it’s the start of a new school year. If you’re looking for some tech to make your student life a little bit easier then take a look at our best tech for students list below.

Wake up light

Waking up early is a drag for most students and can often cause them to skip morning lectures. With a special wake up light, your body is woken slowly since the light mimics a natural sunrise, getting brighter for upto 40 minutes before a gentle sound wakes you. Most wake up lights come with FM radio, adjustable brightness settings and a range of nature sounds for the final alarm. Philips has a range of popular wake up lights between £60-£130.


Google’s Chromebook is different to other laptops because it runs on Google’s own operating system. At just £229 it’s perfect for writing essays using Google Docs and storing all your work in the free cloud storage (100GB). It’s very slim and lightweight and all of Google’s popular apps like Gmail and Maps are preinstalled. The Chromebook is perfect if you just want something comfortable to write all your essays on, browse the internet and check emails.

Boost your phone battery

The Morphie juice pack, which works like a case for your phone, protecting it and offering up to 80% extra battery life. It’s available for most smartphones and comes in a range of prices. Currently it’s only available in the US, but a similar product in the UK called Clever Case is also available for just £30 and gives your phone a full extra charge.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

If you’re looking for a tablet that offers the power of a laptop but is more versatile then look no further than Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3. It starts at £639 and comes with Windows 8.1, and everything you’d expect from a regular laptop but additionally you can buy a separate keyboard to turn the tablet into a laptop. This is why it’s often called a hybrid. The Surface Pro 2 is still available from £359 if you want a cheaper option. But if you’re not a fan of Windows then Apple are offering free gift cards with every student purchase of iPads or Macs and discounts on educational programs.

Livescribe Smartpen

If you’ve not quite mastered taking notes on a tablet and prefer pen and paper then you might like to try The Livescribe pen which pairs with your smartphone or tablet. When you write, the words are automatically sent to your device and turned into typed text so you never have to type up your notes again. Not only that but it also captures audio so you’ll never miss anything, ever.


Featured image by Steven S.