Why Should I Use An IT Support Company?

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Why Should I Use An IT Support Company?

Nowadays, technology, the internet and the cloud have taken over the business world meaning that serious consideration for the use of an IT support company has become more popular than ever. But how do you know if you really need it for your company? Firstly, there is no simple answer, as business sizes vary, alongside an individual’s technological skills, yet here are some questions you might want to ask yourself to find your answer:

How big is my company and how many team members use technology or networks on a daily basis? Think about how strong of an impact computers, or other digital assets, are on your business’s daily routine; this could be with the use of a program, email or the cloud. 

Who in my company could potentially offer this technological help? Think about who works with technology in your company and if everyone is knowledgeable in the computer systems used. Would they benefit from the correct training? 

How would a network or computer systems failure affect my business? What if your network wasn’t functioning properly and it shuts down, do you know how to manage this? Think about the potential financial loss and possible data loss if this occurs suddenly. 

Do I need to store sensitive information that could potentially be hacked if not protected properly? If you store sensitive information, think about what protocols you must follow to ensure client-privacy protection. Paying for this service could potentially save your company a lot of time and money by being the first point of contact for any network or technological issues that arise, not to mention ensuring the safe-keep of sensitive data that could lead you to a messy situation if accessed or leaked. 

So, with the above in mind, let’s explore why you should outsource managed IT services from a company near you. 

What Is an IT Support Company?

First – let’s get to the basics. An IT support company is essentially made-up of highly-skilled IT specialists, such as software developers, network engineers and information security analysts, who offer technical assistance to a business and its employees. They might assist with troubleshooting, website regulations, hardware or software installation and provide a monitoring system for online security. 

An IT support company allows a business to run effectively through the maintenance of computer systems, offering guidance and in general, being available to respond to technical issues in a timely manner. Most companies offer technicians that are on-call and are able to give first-level support (basic troubleshooting) via phone, live chat or email.

Find out more about what IT support is in our complete guide. 

What Services Does An IT Support Company Provide?

An IT support company provides an array of different network and support options. What is a network? A network is a system that allows people to share information and files, alongside being able to communicate with one another; for example, the internet. 

Some common services that an IT support company might provide are listed here:

Hardware and Software Support: Proactive approach to maintaining the good working condition of computers and other technical equipment, like printers and credit card machines, in addition to overviewing a company’s licensing and agreements

Network Management: An IT support company will offer the maintenance of a network, through fault analysis, to ensure high performance.

Cloud Support: They will give support relating to the cloud, ensuring that a workplace is sharing data or files in a safe manner. They will also do LaaS and PaaS configurations. 

Security Services: More often than not, security services will be part of your IT support package, referring to the safeguarding of data and cybersecurity monitoring and management. 

What Are the Benefits of an IT Support Company?

Ensuring that your company’s systems are functioning to a high-standard means that you will be optimizing revenue and staff efficiency, through the implementation of the best up-to-date software, that is best suited for your business. 

You will also have peace of mind knowing that your company data is well-protected and if the unfortunate occurs and it is lost or stolen, they will be able to assist in the recovery. 

Furthermore, the best managed IT support companies will be at bay, ready to provide assistance with any troubleshooting required, which means that your business won’t have a lot of downtime waiting on slow systems.

Finding an IT support company, moreover, isn’t difficult. There are plenty of great and affordable IT companies in and around London that can offer bespoke IT solutions for your business.