What Is Included in IT Support?

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What Is Included in IT Support?

IT support is the support of information technology within a company. This can include anything from software and hardware management, to employee support, to network control. IT support companies provide a range of managed services that small and large businesses can now outsource for a reasonable price in the UK. 

What Exactly Is IT Support?

IT (information technology) support is the technical support behind a company’s processes, ensuring that the technical operations are running smoothly. Depending on the needs of the business, IT support can help them with a range of technical capabilities. Whether it is support for daily technical problems, assisting with software installations and updates, configuring hardware or setting up company computer systems and networks, IT support can provide the help needed to help your business’s technical side run glitch-free.

Why Is It Needed?

Having IT support is crucial for the majority of modern businesses. Although your internal team may not be computer experts, they will need to come into contact with tech on a daily basis. IT support can help set your employees up with everything they need, supporting them when technical issues arise and helping your company with large-scale equipment, network and software setup.

In addition, IT support can provide professional experience when it comes to keeping your company safe from cybersecurity threats. IT professionals can monitor and identify potential security threats, enabling your company to act preemptive by installing effective security solutions and mitigating the risk of a data breach which could be detrimental to your company.

What Types of IT Support Is There?

IT support will look different from company to company and will depend on the nature of the business and their specific IT needs. Generally speaking, IT support falls into two categories – onsite and remote:

  • Onsite IT support – when an IT professional can physically come to your workplace in order to resolve an issue
  • Remote IT support – can provide technical support without physically being there, helping you over the phone or over the computer to explain your issue and offer a solution.

What Services Are Included in IT support?

IT support business service inclusion will vary from company to company depending on the size of their workforce, the nature of their business and their needs when it comes to technical support. However, here are some of the services that you can expect to find in IT support packages:

Implementing New Systems 

IT support companies are usually responsible for the seamless behind-the-scenes technical running of a company. Helping companies set up their devices, including the software and hardware that comes with them, is critical for the daily operations of a business. 

IT support ensures that computers are running efficiently and that crucial elements such as email are functioning correctly. All of this helps to streamline the business and allow employees to get on with their jobs properly.

Security and Backup 

Many IT support companies offer technical support when it comes to setting up antivirus software or other protective software for your company PCs. They can help to identify issues early on and provide the measures needed to mitigate risk. Not only that, but they can also support your company when it comes to backing up shared data.

Desktop Monitoring and Maintenance 

Some IT support companies will be able to offer employee support when it comes to endpoint services including desktop monitoring, software updates and patch management. Your IT partner will usually be alternated if there are issues with your endpoint monitoring or maintenance software.

IT Asset Management

Any good IT support company can help you to stay on top of your IT assets, making sure that they are correctly licensed, patched and regularly updated. They can audit your entire PC estate to make sure that no device is left behind. Additionally, they can offer PC procurement, installation and disposal services.