Building Blocks within Infinite Possibilities


Sharepoint: Building blocks within infinite possibilities


Lucidica worked with Cleverbit software to build the framework for powerful and strategic developer Actions to structure Microsoft Sharepoint’s infinite possibilities.


/ Lead Sharepoint Developer – Lucidica

Microsoft Sharepoint is an advanced platform with unlimited functionality, sold on its versatility and powerful advantages over its competitors.

Lucidica has been building Sharepoint platforms for SMB’s for close to a decade now, designing and creating custom code to suit and fit each client with bespoke detail.

But in this new world of increasing cloud usage, and standard CRM’s not meeting the requirements for companies with more specific security requirement, the focus for structured actions and powerful workflows was apparent.

We first came into contact with Cleverbit Software through a campaign on SharePoint services that they were conducting in our market. We had already been offering SharePoint for several years and had developed substantial expertise, so we had an excellent idea on the technical support that we required.


Building for the future

We brought in Cleverbit software to add additional knowledge and expertise to our already advanced team, to create one-of-a-kind modules for our clients to utilise.


/ Team Lead – Cleverbit Software

“Our main engagement with Lucidica involves the development of “actions” or “building blocks” which can be used by administrators in SharePoint Designer to create more powerful workflows to automate business processes in SharePoint. They first approached us with a list of such “actions” that they wanted to build. We had a few meetings to gather requirements, which were very constructive due to their expertise in SharePoint and what it can deliver. We then discussed the way forward and delivered the actions separately over a couple of weeks, along with documentation for anything we built.”

Constantly Developing

These systems cannot be set in stone and replicated without review. We take proactive steps to review and update our development methods to ensure we are flying high in the industry.

“The people at Cleverbit Software have consistently delivered the excellent work that was required from them within a relatively quick turnaround. They were always helpful and never failed to find ways to make the requested functionality work. What I really like is their flexibility, with Microsoft moving more to Power Automate Flows (PAF), Cleverbit was able to pivot so that the workflow actions could be called via PAFs and created documentation for us to implement it, Excellent.”


/ Lead Sharepoint Developer – Lucidica

Prepared for Innovation

Lucidica + Cleverbit Software’s custom-built building blocks allows for fast and affordable Sharepoint development with some of the most potent workflows money can buy.

“Over the last couple of years, Lucidica often comes up with useful SharePoint workflow processes which can be developed as standalone actions and ask us to extend the solution we’ve built to include the additional functionality.”

Eman / Team Lead / Cleverbit Software