App Saturday (12/09/22)

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App Saturday (12/09/22)

Every Saturday Lucidica’s digital marketing interns James and Libby give you a bitesize app review the of the mobile world.This week:

AppWaze (iOS/Android + some BB, WM & Nokia)

What is it?: Satellite navigation with real-time crowd-sourced traffic information


iOS 6 introduced native turn-by-turn satellite navigation, but on both Android and iOS third-party apps have existed for a while. Enter Waze: the satellite navigation system that offers real-time traffic information by sourcing all its information from users. Stuck in a jam whilst using the app? Just hit the ‘Report’ button and publish anything from accidents, speed cameras, delays and even petrol prices. to nearby drivers. If your planned route takes you through one of these events a notification will allow you to re-route around it. Note also that Waze isn’t lacking in traditional features; everything you’d expect from a sat nav is right there. Oh, and it’s voice operated. And with over 3 billion miles travelled worldwide, that’s not bad for the non-existent price tag.