Introduction To Microsoft EM+S


Introduction To Microsoft EM+S

Cyberthreat is ever evolving and becoming more sophisticated at that, so on-premise solutions cannot effectively protect sensitive data.

This is where EM+S comes in.

What is EM+S?

EM+S (Enterprise Mobility + Security) provides one control panel in a cloud-based world for identity and device management, information protection and secure access. EMS provides an innovative approach to security by addressing attacks with comprehensive controls, deep visibility, unique intelligence and advanced detection response.

In less nerdy technical words, it allows users to work from all their devices with full maximum security and control.

This enterprise mobility solution consists of these 4 components: Azure rights management, Microsoft Intune, Azure active directory and Advanced threat analytics

Features of EMS

Let’s take a quick look in to what EMS can do to help secure your data:

Control identity + access in the cloud

Help protect IT access on all applications and resources over the corporate datacentre and into cloud. This enables additional levels of validation – multi-factor authentication and conditional access policies. You can monitor any suspicious activity through advanced security reporting, auditing and alerting which will assist in mitigating potential security issues.

Get identity-driven security

With EMS, you can protect your organisation at ‘the front door’ with secure single sign-on, multi facto-factor authentication and risk-based conditional access.

You can also help protect your own data anywhere with gaining deeper visibility for your apps and control data with granular policies.

EMS helps you to detect suspicious activity before they cause corporate damage by using behavioural analytics technologies and take an immediate action and recovery.

Manage mobile devices + apps

You’ll be able to manage apps and mobile devices securely from one place; keeping employees productive anywhere on a single device. On that note, employees will have the ability to:
– Work securely on any device (PC, Mac, tablet or phone).

– Have streamlined access to all apps.
Easy access to and convenience sign-on to thousands of cloud premises with a unified identity, including Office 365.

– Have productivity from the start.
Configure a device that allows users to easily access email, Wi-Fi, apps and more for on the go.

– Self-service capabilities e.g. rest their pin/ password.

With real-time control, app protection and secure sharing, EMS will help you protect your data by ensuring that only the right people will gain access to company data.

Service that provide managed mobile productivity include: Microsoft Intune, Azure active directory premium and Azure information protection.

Protect your information

Safeguard your sensitive corporate information and enable a secured collaboration through these four solutions:
– Classification and labelling.
You will be able to label and classify sensitive data- manually or automatically.

– Encryption and right management.
Encrypt your sensitive data and outline usage rights when necessary.

– Intuitive, one-click process
Give easy protection without disturbing employees’ normal workflow.

– Detailed tracking and reporting
Gain control over your data and see what’s happening with your shared data.

Virtualise your desktops

Deliver and manage Windows desktops and apps on all devices efficiently with EMS. Basically, it means you can run windows desktops and applications remotely on any device.

With remote desktop services, you’ll be able to:
– Give access to Windows apps and data on any device and location.
– Have flexible deployments to meet your needs.
– Protect sensitive data from loss and leaks.
– Build customized VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) to meet your needs.

How will this benefit me?

With a completely innovative mobility and security service like EMS, you’ll be able to guard your sensitive data from attacks on multiple levels, preserve mobile and desktop experiences and with flexible and comprehensive solutions, you’ll be able to do more with less- protect users, devices, apps and data.

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